Sunflower Land
May - Oct 2022
Written 17th May 2022

6 Month Roadmap

That vision sounds fancy, so how is Thought Farm going to achieve it?

Our journey so far....

Sunflower Land was built from scratch in 3 months from January 10th to April 7th. This included the frontend, backend, game design, community art, smart contracts and infrastructure. The last 4 months have been exhausting and whilst it enabled us to maintain our amazing community with a rapid turnover of features, it also introduced a range of challenges.
Some of the main challenges we faced since launch are:
  • Maintaining a Discord of 200K+ users
  • Difficultly to earn SFL and gather resources after each halvening
  • Managing player expectations around scarce items
  • Onboarding open source developers and designers
  • Responding to community ideas (we have almost 200 Github issues)
  • Multi-accounting & botters
  • Establishing a company, trademarks, rights and navigating the legal waters in Australia.
We believe it is important to highlight issues in the game, but more importantly explore how we aim to solve them. We have learnt a lot since our launch and donโ€™t plan to repeat mistakes again. Over the next 6 months we are embarking on more sustainable product development and scaling our community and processes.

Gameplay Roadmap

We have discovered that it is very tempting to become a โ€˜feature factoryโ€™ and continuously release small features to keep the appetite of our players full. However, these are only short term solutions to engage players and donโ€™t create a gameplay element that will be enjoyable for the same person in 1 year. How do we ensure that in 3 years people are still burning SFL and the in-game tokens?
Our next 6 months focusses on building gameplay that is endless and enjoyable, rather than limited. The key item is Land Expansion. Land expansion will take 3-4 months to build so it is important until that is released, that we maintain exciting gameplay for our current users.
It is important to note that all of these items will continuously be under design and collaboration with the community. These may change during Beta.

Mineral NFTs

Estimation - 2 weeks May 2022
Release 4 new NFTs that require minerals and provide in-game utility or serve as collectibles
  • A sink for mineral based resources
  • New goals and NFTs for players to craft


Estimation - 3 weeks - June 2022
Grow and farm chickens on your farm to build up your egg empire.
  • Include a sustainable way to earn SFL after halvenings occur
  • Introduce new collectibles and weekly goals to engage players
  • Add more utility to existing crops and a โ€˜sinkโ€™ for resources
For a detailed guide around the proposed tokenomics, please check out the Github proposalโ€‹
  • Chicken resource
    - every 2 days 1 chicken requires 1 wheat to produce 1 egg
  • Cake Quests
    - Each week there is a new rare cake to craft using eggs and other resources. You can collect these cakes or trade them in game for significantly more SFL than the required resources would sell for
  • Chicken NFTs
    - 4 Chicken NFT/boost recipes to craft
  • 3 Mutant Chickens
    - Can you collect them all?

Land Expansion

Estimation - 4 months - October 2022
Land Expansion will serve as a core piece of gameplay which provides a clear goal in Sunflower Land - Expand your land and build your MetaVerse empire.
The aim of land expansion is to gather the necessary resources it takes to expand your piece of the MetaVerse. Each piece of land will offer new & unique resources, available spots to plant, space to grow animals and even new regions to explore the lore of Sunflower Land.
  • More utility and a sink for existing resources (crops, wood, stone, iron etc.)
  • Enable players to build bigger empires on a single account, instead of the temptation of multi-accounting.
  • Add uniqueness to peopleโ€™s land - Your creation in the MetaVerse
  • Make resource collection accessible and enjoyable to everyone after halvenings
This feature is currently under design. Please read more in the Github Proposalโ€‹
  • Players start on an island and collect resources to build out their island
  • Each land you expand is a unique NFT with unique resources/layout
  • Unlock buildings (blacksmith, kitchen etc.) and mechanics as you expand
  • Each piece of land has fertile land where you can plant crops or place animals. You must make the choice which area to focus on
Current farmers will be rewarded with pieces of land in the game proportional to the progress they made.


Estimation - 2 weeks - October 2022
Design your land how you want to show. Drag and drop decorations and NFTs to make your farm unique.
  • Add uniqueness to peopleโ€™s farms
  • Introduce low cost decoration tokens to help people customise their farms
  • Drag and drop items on farm
  • 10+ low cost decorations to purchase

Community Roadmap

Our bet is that the open source developers and designers are what will expand Sunflower Land into a game with endless possibilities once our open community protocols are released. Our focus right now is creating the right relationships and standards for open source developers & designers to contribute to the project.
A community of this magnitude creates a range of challenges for a project. How do we align expectations and ensure we are all building towards the same goal. Over the next 6 months, our priority will be in setting up the right transparency and communication amongst our community to ensure that the vision is clear and how people can help the project.
  • 30+ active code contributors & 30+ active artists
  • Established use of ideas and community voting software (move away from Github issues)
  • 2 community led features (Axotl, Mr Chu, Mutant Crops etc. - to be decided)
  • Weekly updates from core team including live streaming of development
  • Refined contributing guidelines to make it easier to contribute

Company Roadmap

Thought Farm encompasses all aspects of the gameโ€™s development including the design, development and community involvement. To build a sustainable game and community, we need a talented team and a sustainable structure.
What most projects do with VC funding, pre-sales and large token sell-offs, Thought Farm aims to do by raising money through small fees while the game is actually being played. The overarching goal is to earn enough capital to hire an all-star team of designers, developers and talented people to help us reach our 3 year vision.
  • Grow the team to 6 engineers and 1 full time designer
  • Australian innovation and R&D grants
  • Establish a better Discord/ticketing support system for players. Hire 3 full time support system contractors
  • Earn 12 months working capital to hire for our next stage of development. $1.5mm ARR

6 Month Token Roadmap

The value of the token and NFTs should come from gameplay. While we have had a huge amount of centralised exchange listing offers, our focus for the next 6 months is ensuring that the game provides value instead of speculated interest. We want to set the right foundations before embarking on a Binance or Coinbase listing. Nothing is worse than a project listing too early without a sustainable project to back it.
The main goal for the next 6 months is to reduce the risk of scams and the legitimacy of the token on secondary markets. We also need to ensure we have a fair balance so a whale could not affect the ability for others to trade in a liquidity pool
  • QuickSwap whitelist token to improve legitimacy and reduce scam tokens
  • 2 independent audits
  • Questbook/QuickSwap 20K liquidity grant
  • QuickSwap Syrup incentives to stabilize liquidity