Sunflower Land
Open Beta Launch
April 2022 - May 2022
The purpose of this page is to discuss the current status of the project and explore mechanism to ensure the longevity and overall success of the project. For a more detailed community discussion, please refer to the Github Proposal​
  • Crafting and withdrawal of rare items and resources became available on April 15th
  • The SFL token became tradable on May 9th

April 7th Launch

Sunflower Land launched open beta on April 7th. Players have been minting their farm NFTs and playing the game. As of April 12th, 60,000 farms were minted and players began their farming journey.
During this initial week we received tremendous feedback around the direction of the game and also found areas for improvement. We plan on introducing millions of users into Crypto gaming, but first we want to make sure we have the right systems in place to support these numbers.
Due to this huge demand, the engineering team has needed to focus on scaling Discord, verification and anti-botting instead of building awesome features and working with the community.
Once the tokens become tradable, we expect more media coverage and incoming players. Before this happens, we have identified multiple areas that need improvement: - Discord Verification - Discord support, onboarding & ticketing systems - Abuse of minting multiple farms - Anti-botting mechanisms - Game & NFT Design for a scalable economy

Why do we need to delay SFL launch?

We are currently only 3 developers that are working 24/7. There is nothing we want more than for a successful launch so we can hire a larger team and fulfil the vision of the project.
However, there is only so much that can be done by a small group of people in such a short amount of time. The decision to delay was made to ensure this project will flourish for years to come and reach the goal of becoming the first community run crypto game.
A big part of this project is involving the community, listening to their ideas and implementing them in the game. That is what we are doing right now to build a stronger and better game.

Launch Timeline

The following timeline outlines the order in which crafting and withdrawing will become available in the game.

April 15th

On the 15th of April, crafting opened for Tier 1 items (Woody the Beaver, Nancy the Scarecrow + other rare items)
All SFL gathered and items crafted will be minted on the Blockchain.
Throughout April, more items will become available for crafting including Tier 2 items and community designed limited edition items. We will ensure that open beta users will experience the joy of crafting, progression and get access to special edition items for their loyalty to the project.
Players will also be able to withdraw resources (crops, boosts, gold, wood, stone etc.) and rare items from the bank into their personal accounts and list on Open Sea:​

May 9th

On May 9th, players were able to withdraw SFL to their personal wallets. Users can then transfer SFL to friends or list on secondary markets.
Any transfers done before this date was purely for testing by the core team or moderators