Sunflower Land


These are used to generate eggs which can be used in the kitchen for recipes and to craft items.
To get started simply visit the Barn in Sunflower Town and select the Chicken. The cost varies like seed price and during beta, Chickens will not expire or have limitations.


You can purchase a maximum of 10 chickens on a standard farm which is extended to 15 if you own the Chicken Coop NFT.
After acquiring 5 chickens you will need to sync on chain in order to restock the supply until you hit capacity.
Each chicken has an icon above its head which will represent its current mood or needs.
Currently there are 4 emotions your chickens might face:
Ready to hatch
To feed your chicken you will need to have wheat selected in your inventory. You can then interact with your chicken to give them a good meal, this will start the egg timer which requires 48 hours before your eggs are ready to hatch.
In order to collect the eggs, visit your farm, check the icon above your chicken and when ready, interact to find out what type of egg was hatched.

Mutant Chickens

Mutant chickens are a very rare item that your regular chicken has a 1/1000 chance to produce. When collecting an egg from your chicken you may be surprised to hatch one!
These mutant chickens don't lay eggs but instead add the following boosts. These boosts do not stack so if you're lucky enough to get multiple of one of them you're welcome to trade them with other players.
Speed Chicken
10% faster egg production
Rich Chicken
10% extra egg yield
Fat Chicken
10% less wheat required to feed a chicken

Fishing + Honey

Coming soon, for more details refer to Github proposals.