Sunflower Land

Auctioneer (Concept)

The Auctioneer is a concept that allows players to strategically use Seasonal Tickets in a contest for items. It will not be available for the Solar Flare Season


The Goblin Auctioneer is a unique and exciting gameplay feature at Sunflower Land. Players must compete with each other to gather enough resources in attempts to win rare items!
Players can access the Goblin Auctioneer by accessing Goblin Retreat.

How does the Auction work?

To participate in an auction, players must first gather the required resources through farming and collecting resources on their island. This ranges from crops, wood, animal products, food and much more!

1. Place a Bid

When an Auction opens, a player will have 23 hours to place a bid for the item.
A player must have the required resources before placing a bid. In the above example, the player would need 5 Gold.
A player then decides how many Seasonal Tickets they wish to 'bid'. You can bid 0 tickets or as many as you would like.
You must think strategically. The goal is to bid the least amount of tickets and still win the auction. This ensures you will have leftover tickets for other seasonal items.

2. Reveal Winners

Once the Auction has ended, players can return to reveal the results.
The players that bid the most seasonal tickets, will win the auction! They are able to mint the rare item.
Players that lose, will have their resources refunded (e.g. 5 gold)
Seasonal tickets are non-refundable

How are winners calculated?

Winners are calculated based on how many Seasonal tickets they provided and at what time they bidded.
In the example below, we explore an Auction for a "Collectible Bear" with a supply of 3.
Player Bids
  1. 1.
    2200 tickets - 9am
  2. 2.
    1780 tickets - 3am
  3. 3.
    1440 tickets - 1pm
  4. 4.
    1440 tickets - 4pm
  5. 5.
    250 tickets - 11am
  6. 6.
    0 tickets - 10pm
Tie Breaker!
In the extreme case that 2 players have the same amount of tickets, whoever bid earliest will win. The above example 1440 would win.
Pros of bidding earlier: You can win a tie breaker. Pros of bidding later: You have more time to collect Seasonal tickets and bid more!

How many tickets should I bid?

Seasonal tickets are free bonus items you get through normal gameplay.
They are non-refundable. If you lose the Auction you will not receive these back. This means that you must strategically plan and analyse which items in the season you want to attain and 'risk' tickets accordingly.
The goal is to win the auction and bid the least amount of tickets. This means you will have sufficient tickets leftover to mint other seasonal items or swap for SFL.
Questions you should consider asking yourself are:
  1. 1.
    Is there enough supply for this item?
  2. 2.
    How many players will bid on this item?
  3. 3.
    Which items do I want?
  4. 4.
    What is my risk tolerance ?


Why are the Seasonal Tickets burned if I lose?

The Seasonal Tickets are bonus items you earn for free when playing the game. These are not items players must purchase or burn resources to acquire.
The Auctioneer is not a 'mint system', it is part of the gameplay itself. Players are given partial information and need to make a difficult decision to 'solve the puzzle'.

What if I win the auction but don't want to mint the item?

You cannot refund your resources if you win the auction. Your only choice is to mint the collectible. If the item is not minted within 2 weeks, your resources will be burnt.

Won't everyone bid all their tickets on the rarest Auctioneer item?

The Blacksmith and Auctioneer will have equally powerful items to attain.
Most Auctioneer items will become available before the rare Blacksmith items sell out. This means players will not know who is going for the Blacksmith item or the Auctioneer item.

Can I see what someone else bidded?

No. This data is not made public until the auction has ended.

How will new players be able to attain auctioneer items?

Majority of Auctioneer items are targeted at players who have been playing for multiple months.
We will have a range of other seasonal items (e.g. Blacksmith items) which are accessible for new players and require less Seasonal tickets.