Sunflower Land

The Golden Crop

December 16th - 31st 2022
To celebrate our official launch of Sunflower Isles we will be hosting an event from the 16th - 31st December.
To take part in this event all you need to do is have an active farm in Sunflower Isles and harvest crops. Every time you harvest a crop there is a very small chance it will be a Golden Crop. These are special because if you successfully find one, you will win $100 USDC.
There are no boosts that will help you in this event, you can only use one farm and it does not matter if you farm Sunflowers or Radishes everyone has an equal chance at pulling the Golden Crop as long as you are activly farming. Winners will be notified in game and we will also keep a record in the terms below. All prizes will be paid out in USDC to the farm owners wallet at the end of the event. Any cheaters will forfeit their prize and risk having their farm banned
*Terms and Conditions apply
The following accounts were the lucky winners of the Golden Crop competition
  • 144541
  • 98313
  • 37647
  • 74900
  • 12434
  • 95562
  • 2641
  • 3138
  • 137884
  • 67041
  • 135343
  • 162
  • 37174
  • 3348
  • 81871
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