🤠Ambassador Program

Sunflower Land is the #1 Community-Built Game in Web3.

Our community is filled with incredible builders, artists, players and content creators. To help Sunflower Land grow and reach it's full potential, we have created the most generous and exciting ambassador program in the industry!

If you are a content creator or streamer who enjoys casual farming games, passionate online communities or web3, we want you to join our Ambassador program to help promote the project, and receive extremely generous rewards for doing so!

Below are the entry requirements, rewards and expectations.

Top Tier

Entry Criteria:

Minimum followers / views:

  1. Twitch - 200 followers, or

  2. YouTube - 1k followers, and 10k total views

Time playing Sunflower Land:

2 weeks*



Sunflower Land trusts our ambassadors to post quality over quantity.


10 new players per month


Airdrop Rewards

  • Individual Referral Bonus: $1 USDC for every converted player you have referred to Sunflower Land

  • Shared Monthly Bonus Pool: See details below

  • Monthly Farm Rewards: 20 Block Bucks per month

  • Shared Give-away Pool: To use for give-aways for your community

  • Random Airdrops of Sunflower Land items

Access Rewards

  • Access to "Spoiler" Announcement channel - for content creation purposes

  • Access to Ambassador chat with Discord Role

*As a guide only. We want content creators who want to learn more about Sunflower Land and produce quality content.

Shared Monthly Bonus Pool:

As of 1 November 2023, Sunflower Land is introducing an innovative reward structure to attract and retain the highest quality content creators.

Each month, in addition to the individual referral bonus, the ambassadors as a group will receive a share of the monthly bonus pool. The amount of the monthly bonus pool is determined by the total number of converted players referred by the entire ambassador group for the month.

The following levels of monthly rewards are available to the ambassador group as a whole:

LevelMonthly Converted PlayersMonthly Rewards Pool (USD)

Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



Level 5



Level 6



Level 7



Level 8



Level 9



Level 10



The total bonus pool is shared between the ambassador group, weighted by the individual number of referrals.

For example, Sunflower Land has 7 ambassadors. If the ambassador group achieves 10,000 monthly converted players, the monthly rewards pool will be $25,000. The rewards pool will be divided amongst the ambassadors based on who referred the most players:

PositionAllocationTotal Monthly Reward






















The ambassadors also receive their individual referral bonus, meaning an additional $10,000 is paid out to the ambassadors on top of the bonus.

Why introduce a Shared Rewards Pool?

The shared rewards structure creates a sense of community and accountability within the ambassador group. It fosters creativity and collaboration amongst ambassadors in order to reach new audiences for Sunflower Land.

It also gives the ambassador group the power to recruit new talent to help achieve their monthly goals, whilst also keeping each other accountable in being engaged with the project.

We see this as an innovative way to create a culture of high quality and engaging Sunflower Land content.

Ambassador Spokesperson

Sunflower Land has an ambassador spokesperson who is the voice of the ambassadors to the core team. Together, we have created this structure to attract high quality talent, and create a game-changing ambassador program.

Our ambassador spokesperson is: Celinhotv

Channels: https://linktr.ee/Celinhotv

Celinho is a content creator himself, and has been making Sunflower Land videos since the very beginning of the project. He regularly makes YT videos and is very active in our Discord community.

If you wish to apply as an ambassador, make sure you fill out the below form or get in contact with Celinho.

Converted Player:

The definition of a converted player is a player who either:

  • Purchases a Gold Pass; or

  • Purchases Block Bucks

As a free game, we can only offer our generous ambassador rewards on converted players.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. As an ambassador, the content produced must be positive about Sunflower Land and to a high quality for new and current players

  2. Every month, the Sunflower Land core team will perform a review to ensure that expectations have been met before airdropping rewards.

  3. Give-away rewards must be used for giveaways on videos or live streams to attract new players to Sunflower Land or engage current players.

  4. If the expectations or any of the terms & conditions have not been met, the ambassador may not be eligible for the rewards, or may be removed from the program.


To apply, please fill out the following form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wzOJzJmWndcPs5XHGhK3H_5yfC9hA4gsDPzQSg6O3ik

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