Is the Sunflower Land Token live?


Will I need to pay the $5 MATIC fee to mint a farm?

No, but you will need to mint the Gold Pass to access features in Goblin Retreat. There was no premine of tokens and no investments.

Can you earn tokens?

Yes. Any Sunflower Land Tokens that are farmed can be synced to the Blockchain and traded on Quickswap.

When can I withdraw my assets?

Every token and most assets/SFTs you earn are linked to your Farm. You will need to withdraw these assets to your personal account if you wish to transfer or sell them on a secondary market.

How can I send my Account to a new Wallet?

If your wallet was compromised or you want to move your account to a separate wallet, you can do so through the game's UI.

Access Menu > Advanced >Transfer Ownership

Transferring your account through the game's UI ensures that the new address will be whitelisted and not encounter any Jigger Bot or Multi-account detection.

If you transfer your farm outside of the game's UI, your farm will lose its Gold Pass. This is to protect the community and prevent scammers/thieves. Transferring the farm via LootRush wallets may also result in loss of Gold Pass

Sunflower Isles

What is Sunflower Isles?

Sunflower Isles is the future gameplay of Sunflower Land which introduces new mechanics and a balanced economy.

When can I play?

Closed testing for Sunflower Isles began in November.

The first week of testing was exclusive to players who have earned the 'Warrior Badge' and the top 100 players based on their experience. The following week we invited the top 500 players based on their experience. Shortly after, the barn doors opened up for the community to start playing :D

What will happen to my unlocked lands?

In Sunflower Isles, you must expand your land to unlock fields. This is different to the current beta where you need to bribe Goblins to recover the fields.

We want to ensure that all player's get the initial experience and wonder of expanding their land and minting unique land NFTs.

When players switch from Sunflower Land to Sunflower Isles, there will be an in-game exchange offered that lets you swap your Pumpkin Soup, Sauerkraut, Roasted Cauliflower & Radish Pie for the equivalent SFL and in-game resources.

Players who receive this trade, will be significantly advantaged over new players coming into the game.

What will happen to my skills? When we launch Sunflower Isles, we will be releasing an entirely new skill tree with 20+ different possibilities.

However, players have grinded to earn their skill badges throughout our early Beta. We will label the previous skills as "legacy skills" that will be unattainable to new players.

As a show of our appreciation, all of the legacy skills that are earned up until Sunflower Isles launch will remain on the player's account. The legacy skills will be a sign of OG players and the boosts will continue to work with the future of the game.

What will happen to the remaining rare items at Goblin Village?

There are still a handful of rare items available at Goblin village. These will only be available until we launch Sunflower Isles. When we launch Sunflower Isles a new range of seasoned boosts and decorations will be released. Don't miss out on the chance of getting one of the legendary OG items before Sunflower Isles goes live! 🚀

What mechanisms are changing?

While in Beta we have discovered some flaws in the game design that will be tweaked in Land Expansion to protect the player experience and the economy.

The key mechanisms that will change in Sunflower Isles is the resource rate drop (e.g. how much stone drops from a rock) and also the price of tools. These are currently under development/feedback stage and are TBD.

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