Sunflower Land

Is the Sunflower Land Token live?


Will I need to pay the $5 MATIC fee to mint a farm?

Yes, There was no premine of tokens and no investments. Minting Fees are one of the only wants the team creates funds to support the game's architecture.

Can you earn tokens in Open Beta mode?

Yes. Any Sunflower Land Tokens that are farmed during Beta mode can already be synced to the Blockchain and traded on Quickswap.

How do I get access to Open Beta mode?

We will be releasing spots on a rolling basis. We just reached 150,000 farms minted. Keep your eye out on discord and twitter for our next release of spots.

When can I withdraw my assets?

Every token, asset and NFT you earn is linked to your Farm's NFT. You will need to withdraw these assets to your personal account if you wish to transfer or sell them on a secondary market.
The withdraw feature will be accessible for limited assets during open beta

Will the supply of NFTs remain the same?

However, the ingredients required for these resources may change. This is due to some resources (such as Gold) will become a lot more scarcer in the game.