๐Ÿ“…May 2022 Report

We are changing the way crypto gaming operates. We have full transparency with our community around the roadmap for the game and the underlying treasury.We are a proudly Sydney based team. This means we pay Australian taxes and must always liquidate and reserve at least 30% for corporate taxes๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บโ€‹

The following is used for educational purposes only and is no indication for accounting, valuations and/or taxation purposes. The numbers below reflect rough estimates or reflections of on-chain activity and are prone to mistakes.

Values are in $USD As of writing, 1 MATIC = $0.61 USD

May Goals

  1. Onboard contractors to help with Discord, PR and communication

  2. Hire Finance Directory & design financial model for Land expansion

  3. Dollar cost treasury into stable coins/FIAT

  4. Healthy community liquidate pool to facilitate players trading between themselves

Net Treasury as of May 30th 2022

Accumulative net treasury from previous months.

  • MATIC - 62,000 MATIC

  • Wrapped ETH - 10.2

  • FIAT/Stable Coins - 355K USD

Liquidity Pool

One of our biggest challenges this month was enabling the SFL token for withdrawal. Since there was no-premine (we held no SFL initially), we relied on the community to set the liquidity pool. This was a huge success, with hundreds of community members contributing towards the liquidity pool.

To avoid influence and too much control, Thought Farm Pty Ltd never intends to be a significant liquidity provider. The market is controlled and decided by the community, not us. As a rule of thumb, we will try to keep our liquidity below 25% to ensure players can game tokens when needed.

Once the community pool was setup, Thought Farm contributed $82000 USD to the SFL/MATIC pair. The SFL for this pair was generated through the community pool via the withdraw tax. This is pool is excluded from the treasury as this is intended as a "community pool" and will either be burnt or distributed amongst different pairs. The game owns this liquidity and Thought Farm will not liquidate it. As of writing, this provision accounts for 16.2%.

See liquidity transactions - One, Two & Three

May Expenses

Expenses include but are not limited to:

  • Technical infrastructure + services - $7K USD

  • Legal & Accounting - $7K USD

  • Salaries - $43K USD

  • Contractors - $10.5K USD (PR, Communications, Art Design, Support Team)

  • Audit - $5.9K USD

  • Advertising + Merchandise - $500 USD

A key outcome of May was getting a Finance Director on part-time. Once we hit hyper-growth, we will have the right team ready to scale and manage the financial regulations.


Based on current expenses, we have roughly 7-8 months runway. This will comfortably get us past land expansion and Farmer NFTs which will bring a new stream of players and revenue.

Thought Farm Pty Ltd is currently assessing whether we hire a new engineer and game designer, which would give us roughly 5 months runway. The risk behind this decision is the looming crypto winter. We need to ensure we have enough capital to last us through such occasion. Our new finance director is focussing on this challenge and deciding what risk we can take on.

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