The game is largely social and involves communities being built around a shared understanding of the game. The narrative should always leave an air of mystery and allow the player to interpret it how they see fit and engage in their community - i.e. Team Goblin or Team Sunflower in Discord.

We are not a story based game. Storytelling is purposefully used for onboarding, quests and community building.

Less is more. When employing fictional elements, be vague and leave an air of mystery that lets the player come up with their own understanding. As we move towards crowd-sourced content, designers should be able to extend their interpretation of the loose boundaries we have set.

We will employ an overarching timeline but when designing quests or fictional characters the goal should always be to leave enough room for player interpretation.

Backstory ๐Ÿ“–

Tensions are high in Sunflower Land and an air of mystery surrounds the relationship between Goblins and Humans. Rumours of a โ€œGreat Warโ€ are known throughout the land but the exact cause and outcome have been lost throughout history. Goblins form the typical antagonist of the narrative and become a nuisance to farmers. However, they have access to rare and mythical items that humans rely on. How will this dynamic play out?

For more information around the backstory check out the Sunflower Archives

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