Will you learn the historic secrets of fishing, discover marine marvels & become a renowned fisher?

Fishing is an essential game mechanic which allows players to discover useful and exotic fish. Fish as a resource can be used for:

  • Fulfilling deliveries for Rewards

  • Cooking & levelling up your Bumpkin

  • Crafting

  • Completing quests

Fish are non trade-able items, and only used for experience, quests and missions. Fishing requires non trade-able inputs such as Bait & Rods.

How to fish?

To become an expert fisher you must learn the ways of the ocean, desires of fish and extensive fisherman lore. At it's heart, this feature is all about experimentation. Bumpkins must pay attention to changing weather conditions, unique bait combinations + hidden secrets.

As the game evolves, new fishing areas and challenges will appear throughout Sunflower Land offering limited edition fish and challenges. However, players will firstly fish on their main island.

To get started, you must speak with the local fisherman on your wharf... Reelin Roy!

This Bumpkin will be the source of all your fishing needs, including providing your fishing tips, rewards and casting your rod!

When you are ready, you will be able to cast your rod and cross your fingers. Each cast requires 2 items:

  • A Fishing Rod. This can be crafted at your Workbench for one-time use.

  • Bait - This can be attained through Composting

By clicking "Fish", the Fisherman on wharf will cast their rod and attempt to catch a fish.

The fishing 'mini-game' is currently going through prototyping to find one that is accessible and enjoyable.

Fish Guide

On launch, there will be over 30 types of fish that can be caught, each with it's own rarity and utility inside of the game.

So how do you catch these fish? In some cases, if you experiment with the right conditions you will be guaranteed a certain fish. In other cases, a certain level of experimentation and luck will be required. There are multiple factors which influence what type of fish you will catch:

  • Bait

  • Fishing conditions

  • Experimentation


Your bait is the primary factor which will determine what category of fish you will find. Lesser baits yield fish with lower benefits, whereas higher quality baits yield rarer fish with more benefits.

You can attain bait through the Composting & Fertilisers or by purchasing a rainbow lure.

BaitSourceExample Fish



Anchovy, Blowfish, Clownfish, Squid...



Ray, Hammerhead Shark, Napoleanfish...

Red Wiggler


Mahi Mahi, Oarfish...

Fishing Lure

1 Block Buck

Advanced/Expert Fish, No Treasures

Fishing Conditions

Based on the weather and time of day, certain fish will have a higher likelihood of appearing. There are also some fish which are only available during perfect conditions.

In Sunflower Land, players from all around the world follow the same time-schedule (UTC). From UTC 00:00-12:00 is our Dawnlight session and 12:00-24:00 is our Dusktide session.

There are certain fish more likely to appear during a certain session. For instance, you can only catch Angler Fish during Dusktide times.

There are also special events that can occur spontaneously including Full Moon ( finding 'Marine Marvels' are greatly increased) & Fish Frenzy (increases fish yield +1).


Bumpkins are renowned for their craftsmanship in building, cooking, and farming. Luckily, these skills also help their fishing endeavours.

While fishing, you are able to combine bait with a range of different resources to increase the likelihood of discovering certain fish.

The following resources can be combined with bait: Crops, Fruit, Eggs, Iron, Gold & certain fish (Anchovy, Herring, Mackerel).

In certain cases, a given resource can guarantee a fish. For instance, you can use Carrots with an Earth Worm to guarantee a Anchovy.

Marine Marvels

Every fisherman's dream is to one day discover Marine Marvels. These fish have been rumoured to have been spotted throughout the history of Sunflower Land. It would take an expert fisherman to discover these rare fish.

These fish can be placed on your land as a trophy, used in special events, and in some cases provide you bonus farming and fishing boosts!


Eternal Marlin


Phantom Barracuda


Starlight Tuna


Twilight Anglerfish


Radiant Ray

Farming Boost +0.1 Iron

Gilded Swordfish

Farming Boost +0.1 Gold

Cooking & Eating

Fish can be eaten raw and are an excellent way to boost your Bumpkin's level! Lesser fish will provide a small amount of experience whereas certain rare fish can provide insane amounts of experience.

There will also be additional recipes made available at a range of shops:

  • Gumbo

  • Fish and Chips

  • Chowder


There is a shortage of fish in the Pumpkin Plaza and Bumpkin's are going crazy for fish! Each day, a range of fish related deliveries will appear.

There will also be fish related deliveries where you can earn the seasonal resources in exchange. For fairness, these will only include fish that can be guaranteed to catch using certain combinations (instead of RNG).

Keep an eye out for some mysterious special event NPCs - fulfill their deliveries and see what awaits 😉

Fish are non-tradeable and cannot be swapped for SFL.

Progression & Unlock-ables

On your journey to becoming a fish expert, there are multiple milestones you will reach and claim rewards that will help you in your fishing adventure. There are multiple Bumpkins throughout Sunflower Land that will offer you prizes for your accomplishments.

By visiting the beach, you can talk with the wise old fisherman. By completing a range of challenges, you will be able to mint rare wearables and collectibles.


Sunflower Rod

Catch all basic fish

Wearable: 10% Critical of +1 Fish

Fishing Hat

Catch all advanced fish


Angler Waders

Catch 300 fish

Wearable: Increase daily fishing limit by 10

Bucket O' Worms

Discover all fish

Wearable: Bonus Compost Worm


Catch 1500 fish

Wearable: 20% Critical of +1 Fish

Luminous Anglerfish Topper

Discover all Marine Marvels

Wearable: +50% Fish XP

A variety of rare collectibles & wearables will also be made available through seasonal events, auctions and quests! ❤ī¸

Future enhancements

As always, our goal is to ship content early and gather feedback. This means we won't be waiting until the entire feature is complete before you can start fishing. The following additions will come at later dates:

  • Fishing Skills

  • MMO Fishing Spots - Rare fishing spots in Plaza, Beach, etc.



Is there any limit on the amount of fish I can catch?

Each day the local fisherman can catch 20 fish. After that, they must rest and wait until the next day to fish again.

Should I eat my fish, use it for deliveries or wait?

This is entirely your decision! You can earn a lot of experience by eating/cooking your fish, but you can also complete certain quests when fish pops up in deliveries.

If I have a +0.1 Fish boost what does that mean?

You can only catch fish in whole. If you have a +0.1 buff, this means you have a 10% Critical of getting a critical catch. When you get a critical catch, you will get a bonus fish!

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