Sunflower Land

Roadmap & Vision

Sunflower Land is a casual farming game that won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of players with its heart warming aesthetic, strategic elements and vibrant community.
The goal of Sunflower Land is to expand your farming empire, craft rare SFTs, grow your Bumpkin and decorate your island. Our design philosophy is around creating a simple yet engaging farming experience that will onboard the masses into Web3 gaming.
A key aspect of the game is that every in-game item lives on the Blockchain. This enables free-flowing trade of resources amongst the players. You can collaborate and trade with other players to reach your farming empire goals!
We believe a healthy game has a balance between strategic elements, surprising factors (RNG) and ownership of assets/freedom to trade. When these elements are balanced perfectly, we begin to see emergent and exciting behaviour form in the game and community.
We are not maximilists in any specific game design principle. To become the worlds best casual farming game we need to experiment, adapt to feedback, learn from our mistakes and constantly strive to improve.


We are constantly building a range of engaging farming features including new equipment, buildings, cows, fishing, advanced crops, pets + more!
At the same time, we are at the forefront of Blockchain technology and devote significant time to experimentation. Being in such a novice industry, technology changes weekly and we can't guarantee any long term expectations. We are learning everyday and making decisions on what is best for the game and the community.
That said, we are currently excited about the following prospects:
  • Social Farming & MetaVerse Capabilities Pumpkin Plaza​
  • Player Trading
  • Integrating with Community Projects


Being a Web3 game, we face a range of challenges that real world economies encounter. One of the largest issues all Web3 games face is inflation.
We balance our development time between working on core gameplay loops and developing sinks for SFL and in-game resources to prevent this inflation. These include:
  1. 1.
    Launching Bumpkin Wearables
  2. 2.
    Launching Decorations
  3. 3.
    Treasure Island
  4. 4.
    Magic Beans (coming soon)

What's being worked on?

We are a game built by the community and are constantly receiving great ideas and feedback. You can check out the latest community proposals here:
You can also track what pieces of work the team are working on: