🚀Roadmap & Vision

What is the team working on?

Despite being a small team, we're incredibly agile and committed to delivering a steady stream of fresh and exciting content to our players. We operate on a monthly release cycle for substantial content updates, ensuring Sunflower Land is always evolving and improving.

Transparency is one of our core values, and we believe in sharing our development journey with our players. You can follow along with the art, development, marketing and operations behind the scenes at Sunflower.

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Here you will find real-time updates and can see exactly what our team is working on, how far we've come, and what's coming up next. This open-door approach is part of our commitment to building a game that is as much a product of our community as it is of our team.

Vision of Sunflower Land â™Ĩī¸

Blockchain Integration and Casual Gaming 🎮

We are passionate about the potential of blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionise gaming. We believe in the power of the technology to enable in-game trading and crowd-sourced content. The principle of asset ownership underpins our design, and we will work tirelessly to create an environment where players feel that their time and efforts are valued and rewarded. We won't shy away from exploring all avenues of blockchain integration that enhance our game's player experience and community-building. We are huge advocates of community tooling and public data.

Resource Management and Crafting 🔨

Our focus remains to provide players with an engaging, interactive experience through a robust farming resource management system. We want to build a dynamic, living world where each resource matters and has its place in the ecosystem. Over time, we will introduce new resources and a variety of uses for them, such as crafting unique items and powering new in-game features. We want our players to feel the thrill of exploration and the satisfaction of creation.

Community-Driven Content 🤗

We are deeply committed to fostering a strong and vibrant community. We understand that the most compelling content often comes from our players' creativity, so we're creating mechanisms to allow players to contribute directly to the game. This includes coding, design, and even shaping the game's narratives and events. Our vision is for Sunflower Land to become a player-driven world that continuously evolves and grows according to the community's input and interests. We will continue to lead with Open Source development, knowledge sharing and live streaming of the development of the project.

Game Growth and Industry Leadership 🚀

We believe that Sunflower Land is just the beginning. As we grow the game and bring in more players, we aim to continuously promote our values and establish ourselves as a leading player in the gaming industry. We are committed to setting high standards and pushing boundaries in areas such as blockchain integration, community-led development, and innovative gameplay.

Agile and Innovative Workflow 🏃‍♂ī¸

As a smaller team, we leverage agility and innovation to keep up with and even surpass larger teams. We don't believe in a rigid, overly cautious approach. Instead, we prefer a dynamic, rapid decision-making environment that fosters creativity and continuous improvement. While this approach might lead to occasional bugs and mistakes, it also keeps our game and community fresh, exciting, and ahead of the curve.

These are ambitious goals, but we are confident in our direction and excited for the journey ahead. Together with our community, we believe we can make Sunflower Land a truly special place to play and create. This won't be build overnight and we are deeply grateful for your patience and help improving the project.

2023 🚀

  • Resource Utility: This year we'll introduce new ways to use the resources you produce in the game. Features like crafting items, wearables, Magic Potions and much more will bring new dimensions to gameplay đŸ”Ĩ

  • MMO Design: As a community-driven game, this year we'll be focusing on developing our MMO layer to facilitate greater player involvement and enhance avenues for communication. The world of Sunflower Land is set to become richer and more interactive worlds, allowing players to explore, complete quests and uncover the hidden secrets 🤝

  • Customisation: We believe in enabling our players to create and personalise. Hence, we will provide more tools for customising islands and Bumpkins, helping players to shape their unique identity within the game 🖌ī¸

  • Seasonal Content: To keep things fresh and engaging, we will be releasing new content and collectable items every 3 months, aligning with the changing seasons. This will involve new resources and gameplay mechanics. Amongst these features and mechanics includes fishing, new crops and resources 🐟 🐄 🍆

  • Blockchain Onboarding: Recognising the importance of accessibility, we'll improve our Blockchain UX and partner with wallets for seamless onboarding. The aim is to make it easier for new players to join our community. We will also focus on NFT Direct Checkouts and seamless payment rails to onboard players across the world.

  • Community Islands: Our most exciting feature yet, players will have the ability to create and launch their own islands, complete with their own gameplay and content. A new stage for expression, resource utilization, and unique gameplay opportunities.

2024-2028: Expansion and Evolution

  • Sunflower Metaverse Expansion: Sunflower Land is just the start. Over the next 5 years, we will expand into new game types within the Sunflower Metaverse, taking our players on non-farming adventures and opening up a wider range of experiences.

  • Web3 Collaboration and Interoperability: We plan to collaborate with hundreds of Web3 projects. This will enrich our game universe and open up new, creative possibilities for gameplay, in-game economy, and player interactions.

  • Self-Evolving Gameplay: Sunflower Land will set a new standard in gaming as we push towards self-evolving gameplay. Through crowd-sourced art, community content, and player-created storylines, our game will adapt and grow organically. Players will be able to earn royalties from their creations.

  • Open Source Development: We will further democratize Sunflower Land by expanding our open-source projects, including smart contracts, game features, and digital assets. We believe in contributing to the wider Web3 community, and in doing so, improve and evolve our own.

Ongoing Commitments

We are committed to a continuous journey of growth, community engagement, and innovation. Sunflower Land will remain a space for creativity, fun, and shared experiences, where every player can contribute and feel valued. Remember that while we journey towards these grand goals, we are working with a mindset of 'innovation over stability'. We appreciate your understanding, feedback, and support as we build a future together.

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