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The game requires users to have a Web3 wallet. It is used to display a user's Digital Collections and Crypto Assets. The wallet is a simple interface to connect a user to a blockchain via a secret passphrase which is known as a "seed phrase" (this is 12 randomly generated simple English words). Against typical perceptions, nothing is ever stored on a wallet. The seed phrase is simply a key to tell a blockchain which assets the user has access to. This means that you can take any seed phrase and import it into any wallet to view a user's assets. It's also why it's so important to guard it with the utmost security as most people who are hacked or scammed in Web3, have their seed phrase compromised at some level.

Web3 Wallets


This is the industry standard Web3 wallet and available for both Browser Extension and also Mobile. You will need to download Metamask and install it on your preferred device. Then you'll need to create a MetaMask account. Once complete you will need to enable the Polygon network which is explained at the bottom of this page.


Most Web3 wallets which are compromised happen when installing. Users either have malware on their device or click a fake link to download a wallet that looks like the official one. PLEASE be careful and if in doubt, check our security section in discord first. Remember to keep your Seed Phrase safe as this is the ONLY way to recover your wallet.


We wanted to give users the opportunity to enjoy our game without the stress of learning about networks or seed phrases so if you just want to get started quickly with a social or Email login then sequence is for you. This wallet can be setup in one simple click using the website https://sequence.app/ Unlike Metamask though, you do not control the seed phrase of your Sequence wallet so it is not recommended to use it for long term storage. This is considered an active "HOT" wallet, great for simple day to day use without the need to worry about the tech behind it.


Similar to Metamask, you will need to install Phantom wallet on your browser or mobile device. Once you have set it up, you will create a Phantom account.

You can find out more information by heading over to Phantom.


OKX Wallet is a multi-chain wallet that currently supports both EVM and non-EVM networks, making it easier for you to access DApps on different networks without having to switch wallets. To learn more, please visit www.okx.com/web3

Wallet Connect

Wallet connect is an open source protocol for connecting decentralised applications to mobile wallets with QR code scanning or deep linking. This give users the ability to connect to over 170 different Web3 wallets and over 450 different Web3 Apps. More information can be found on their official website - https://walletconnect.com/

Multiple Wallets

If you have multiple wallets installed on your browser, you may find that they don't always play well together. If you're trying to use Metamask for example and Phantom wallet keeps opening, try to disable the ones you don't want to use. This is an issue that exists between wallets and the way they inject themselves into the browser. Good rule is to just disable the ones you don't want to use while playing Sunflower Land.

Setting up Polygon Blockchain in your wallet

Polygon is an Ethereum layer-2 protocol and framework for building interconnected blockchain ecosystems, launched in 2017. Polygon maintains the $MATIC ticker for its native utility token.

You will need to connect your web3 wallet to the Polygon blockchain.

To connect to the Polygon network you can follow the following article: https://medium.com/stakingbits/setting-up-metamask-for-polygon-matic-network-838058f6d844 Your Network configuration should look similar to the following:

Optional RPC networks

When Polygon has heavy traffic, a you may face difficulties connecting to the network. When this happens you can optionally use one of the following RPC URLs in your Metamask config.


https://rpc-mainnet.matic.network or https://matic-mainnet.chainstacklabs.com or https://rpc-mainnet.maticvigil.com or https://rpc-mainnet.matic.quiknode.pro or https://matic-mainnet-full-rpc.bwarelabs.com

More found on: https://cointool.app/rpcServer/matic


If you are using Metamask as your Web3 wallet you will also need to ensure that you have some $MATIC to purchase your farm. $MATIC is the native crypto asset for the Polygon Blockchain and is referred to as a "Gas Token" which is used for Transaction fees. Each time you make an on-chain transaction you will need to pay a small amount of $MATIC, this is sent to a series of anonymous validators who verify that the transaction is genuine and it is then stored on the blockchain as immutable data, living forever. Sequence has the ability for you to purchase your farm using your bank or credit card without needing to worry about having MATIC for the transactions. You will need a form of currency for purchases and transaction fees, this could be USDC or SFL which can be purchased with a single click within their app.

If you need to purchase MATIC tokens, they are available on a range of open exchanges and on-ramps. This quick video shows you an easy way to use Metamask to achieve this, other more cost effect ways are available. If you need help, we recommend asking inside our Discord.

How to get MATIC into Metamask

It is important that you keep the $MATIC in your browser wallet (i.e.) Metamask and do not send it to your farm's address. If $MATIC is sent to your Farm it will be lost forever. Please always test a small transaction first if you are unsure.

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