đŸŒģSunflower Land Token

The Sunflower Land Token (SFL) is an ERC 20 Crypto Token that lives on the Polygon Blockchain. It is an in-game utility token with an unlimited supply that is only created by playing Sunflower Land.

No team allocation

There was no pre-sale, ICO or team allocation of the SFL token. It is purely an in-game utility token and can only be earned through playing the game.

What can I use SFL for?

You will need SFL in-game to buy seeds, tools, expansions, buildings, animals & much more! SFL is also used to craft rare items and for rare digital clothing drops at Bumpkins.io.

Community projects such as Project Dignity also use SFL as the required token to access mints and gameplay.

Where can I buy SFL?

The game is designed to be played entirely without the need to purchase SFL.

Sunflower Land does not sell SFL. However, if you do not have the patience to wait for your crops, you can trade SFL with other players using decentralised exchanges such as Quick Swap. We have also enabled a quick link to this via the in game settings menu.

Always do your own research and be wary of third party services.

Can I stake SFL?

Sunflower Land focusses on building game features, not marketplaces & financial services. There is no way to stake your SFL inside of the game.

Since the token is decentralised, you may find that 3rd party services do offer staking services for the token. Always do your own research and be wary of third party services.

How can I withdraw SFL from the game?

You would first need to unlock the bank in Goblin Retreat which requires a level 5 Bumpkin. More details can be found here Withdrawing

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