đŸ‘ļGetting Started

Portals are setup in a way that you can use whatever web technology to build your experience. However, to help you get started we recommend building on top of the existing tools and examples that we have.

In this guide, we will walk you through the initial steps to get started with building your own Community Island in Sunflower Land. Let's dive in and unleash your creativity!

Project Setup

Portals build on top of all of the gameplay inside of Sunflower Land. This is great, as you don't need to start from scratch!

Before getting started, ensure that you have created a Github Account. This will be used to download and manage the source code.

1. Fork the Project

Head over to the Sunflower Land Project on Github and follow the instructions to fork the project.

You will want to give your project a unique name. For instance "crop-boom", "magical-adventure", "snowball-fight" or anything else that relates to your project.

Great! You now have your own copy of the project. You can make any desired changes that you now want

2. Clone the Project

Head over to your newly forked project and follow the instructions to clone the project. This will download all of the source code to your local machine so you can directly edit code or art.

3. Setup the Project

Once the project has been downloaded you will to navigate to that folder on your terminal and follow the instructions to install the dependencies that the Sunflower Land repository requires to run the game.

Setup Instructions

Since you are creating a portal, you will want to copy the contents of .env.portal into the newly created .env file.

# Example of a Portal environment setup



# VITE_API_URL=https://api-dev.sunflower-land.com
# VITE_ROOM_URL=wss://mmo-dev.sunflower-land.com


4. Run the project

Once you have installed all of the dependencies you can now run the project. Type the following command into your terminal.

yarn dev

Congratulations! You have just forked the Sunflower Land game and are running it locally. Next up we will show you how to create and run a custom portal.

Portal Development

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