Over the past few years, we've created a vibrant economy that has weathered the bear market and supported hundreds of thousands of players. However, there have been some early design mistakes that have resulted in SFL inflation & devaluing of collectibles.

Today, we aim to fix those. On April 3rd, we are launching some key updates to address these issues.

TLDR: SFL will be used for high-end actions, features, auctions. A new off chain currency called Coins will be used for the basic actions.

1. Introducing Coins

To restrict inflation, a new off-chain currency called "Coins" will be added into the game and used in the basic farming areas of the game - namely crops & tools.

At Betty's market, players will buy seeds and sell crops with Coins. Coins will be also be used at the workbench, chickens, decorations & other low level gameplay loops.

To earn coins, you can sell crops at Betty's market or complete deliveries which give you coins in return. Additionally, you can buy coins with SFL.

Coins will be used in the basic areas of the game, especially those which had a "Snowball" effect. These were features that were attractive to extractors, botters & malicious actors as they were simple avenues to generate tokens. While lucrative, these features did not contribute to a sustainable ecosystem and would wreak havoc once the marketplace, factions & creator economy launched.

SFL will continue to be used in all premium areas of the game: Auctions, Megastore, Factions, Guilds, Upcoming Drops, Creator Economy, SFL Marketplace, P2P Trading, Buying Coins + more.

Coins cannot be converted to SFL. Please see How to Earn SFL below.

2. How to earn SFL?

We are shifting to an approach which incentivises strategic gameplay and efficient farms.

Instead of selling small amounts of crops for SFL, players must engage with dynamic resource exchanges, peer to peer trading and advanced deliveries. SFL earnings will become much more dynamic and based on the player driven economy. Instead of constant rate, the generation of SFL will be based on community supply & demand.

On April 3rd, a Goblin island will become available that is filled with hungry Goblins seeking deliveries and also contains a new building: The Goblin Exchange.

At the exchange, players can trade bulk resources for SFL. The price of each resource will update daily based on community selling pressures. In real-time, prices will also update based on what you are selling. The more you sell, the lower the reward gets.

We are pleased to announce that here, you will also be able exchange wood, minerals, eggs & basic fish (e.g. Anchovies) for SFL.

Exchange rates and delivery rewards will be adjusted daily, considering factors such as daily active users, SFL minted and burnt, user onboarding, and selling pressures on the exchange. These economic controls aim to transition towards a deflationary token model, wherein the rate of SFL minting is outpaced by burning within the game.

3. Comparing Approaches

This new system replaces the halvening mechanic previously employed in the game. While the halvening had its merits, it often resulted in minimal returns and devaluation of certain SFTs with each cycle. With Coins, the value of crops and fruits remains constant, ensuring stability in both their intrinsic value and related SFT value.

Employing a dynamic & community driven approach to $SFL generation affords tighter control over inflation and promises a more sustainable model as we expand into mainstream markets and onboard new players. This coin model seamlessly aligns with App Store crypto standards while safeguarding against significant impacts on the economy from influxes of new players.

Ultimately, our aim is to offer a smoother onboarding experience for newcomers, gradually integrating them into our esteemed Web3 community.

A note from Adam

As the Crypto Gaming landscape adapts, we must too. Weโ€™re immensely proud of the project & community that weโ€™ve built too dateโ€Šโ€”โ€Šhowever that doesnโ€™t mean weโ€™re perfect. To ensure a sustainable project and longevity of the token we must always look to fix our past mistakes and embrace emerging opportunities.

We're not pretending that these changes aren't contrary to our previous model and statements we've made. When Sunflower Land launched, the halvening felt like the right solution. However, in 2024 we've got a lot of new features and Web3 mechanics - as such we've needed to adjust our SFL generation methods.

We understand these are large initiatives and impactful changes to the gameplay. For our long term players, we are extremely thankful for all of the community support and feedback that you have provided. We are pumped to be building out our future roadmap with you all in 2024.


How do I prepare for this change?

You do not need to do anything. After the change you will still have all of your SFL and items on your farm.

What should I do with my crops?

You have 3 options: - Sell at Betty for Coins - Trade in the Plaza for SFL - Trade at Goblin Exchange for SFL

How do I earn SFL? 1. Completing deliveries 2. Trading at the Plaza 3. Goblin Exchange 4. Special Events + Rewards When will these changes go live? On April 3rd, the following changes will go live: - Betty will use Coins - New Goblin Retreat opens - Goblin Exchange opens up - Players can exchange SFL for Coins How many crops can I sell each day?

You can exchange unlimited crops for coins at Betty's Market. You can also exchange unlimited crops for SFL at the Goblin Exchange. However, the price will be updated in real time the more you sell

What happens to halving?

There will be no more halving. Coin related resources will have a constant price. Will App Store players be able to buy Coins?

This is still open for debate. If they are able to, they would have to pay more. We would encourage them to use SFL to get coins.

Is Tywin still greedy after these changes?

Our beloved Tywin will require Coins for his deliveries.

What rewards will deliveries give?

Deliveries will give you either coins, SFL or Seasonal Tickets (Tulip Bulb)

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