Sunflower Land
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Buildings are a cornerstone of your farming empire that enable you to collect certain resources, increase your water (stamina), apply certain buffs, unlock new gameplay elements and decorate your farm.

Concept Design

To unlock new features a player must construct certain buildings. This includes markets, furnaces, chicken houses, water wells and more. As a player progresses they have a variety of different buildings and paths they can follow.
A building is a placeable object and for the purpose of discussion includes static structure items like scarecrows, beavers etc.
The key building types include:
  • Shops - Buildings that enable players to buy new seeds, tools or craft certain items
  • Sources - Buildings that are a source of items - I.e. Water well provides water. Quarry provides stone
  • Buffs - Buildings that serve to increase abilities - I.e. Scarecrow improves crop speed

Building Gameplay Loop

Buildings are primarily seen as long term items that players must strategically decide when to construct.
The above loop does not explore sinks for decorative buildings.