Sunflower Land


The farmer is a core gameplay element that enables a player to increase their efficiency, unlock new buildings/items and most importantly, socialise.

Concept Design

A farmer will serve as an in-game character that helps you farm and also as a PFP. The key difference with these PFPs are that they are dynamic and will change as you grow your character. In essence you will be able to shape your identity, choose a certain skill path and send clothing and other ERC1155 items to them to attain buffs. As you grow your character and change clothing, it will dynamically update your PFP. Will you be a farmer or a goblin?


  • (Stamina) - How many actions can a farmer perform?
  • Skills - Certain buffs
  • Experience


Each farmer NFT will have a unique address on the blockchain where you can send tools, clothing and other in-game boosts. When a token is sent to the character, it will be soul bound. You can send multiple items to a farmer's inventory but only one type of item can be applied at a time. For instance, a character can only wear 1 hat at a time - the other hat would stay in the inventory.


To promote a healthy ecology in the game, farmer's gain experience in a game-changing and innovative manner. Instead of earning experience for performing in-game tasks, you must cook and feed your character food to gain experience. This means player's must burn game resources if they wish to advance their player and learn new skills. The flow on effect is an increase of in-game sinks and a great combat against inflation of resources. A player must toil between wanting to short term cash-out on resources or feed them to their character for long term gains.
The source for food will be mainly crops and animal goods.

(Stamina) ⚡

  • Coming Soon
Farmers are human and require energy to perform actions. As you progress your farmer you will be able to increase their stamina levels and thus perform more farming actions. This means a player must feed and improve their character if they wish to collect more resources. This places a balance in the gameplay loop where players must burn resources before powering forward.

Farmer Gameplay Loop

The following gameplay loop explores the core progression system for improving a farmer. A player must balance decisions between earning SFL or re-investing produce to upgrade their farmer.
A player must decide between:
  1. 1.
    Burning resources to improve farmer, water levels and farming capabilities
  2. 2.
    Crafting an item with resources to send to a farmer to increase farming capabilities
  3. 3.
    Cashing out SFL
To have an efficient farm, players must strategically balance these decisions. Do you look for small short term win, or a longer term approach?
Produce refers to Crops and Animals Goods.
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