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Contract Addresses

SFL Contract Address 0xD1f9c58e33933a993A3891F8acFe05a68E1afC05
Farm Contract Address 0x2b4a66557a79263275826ad31a4cddc2789334bd
Farm Collectibles Contract Address 0x22d5f9b75c524fec1d6619787e582644cd4d7422
Bumpkin Contract 0x624E4fa6980Afcf8EA27BFe08e2fB5979b64DF1C
Bumpkin Wearables Contract 0x4bb5b2461e9Ef782152c3a96698b2a4cF55B6162
Wishing Well Contract 0x24d32a94fA91d4C99f994622AF30Eb16bf76AEAC
Sunflower Land Official Giveaway Wallet 0xa5732a75729c06940bf40b97e749ce2e1c02ed97
Escrow In Game Trade Contract 0x1056A4ea959e3d84D6DC56Ac06B8Ff5B84648400
Goblin Community Treasury 0x1DB57407EE80709D4d862fe81399FBB35B8B9586

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