๐Ÿช“Gather Resources

Tools ๐Ÿช“

Tools are used to collect a range of different resources in Sunflower Land. You can craft most tools at the Workbench.

ToolPriceUse case

0.0625 SFL

Chops 1 tree

0.0625 SFL 3 Wood

Mines 1 stone rock

0.0625 SFL 3 Wood 5 Stone

Mines 1 iron rock

0.25 SFL 3 Wood 5 Iron

Mines 1 gold rock

Gold Pickaxe

0.3125 SFL 3 Wood 3 Gold

Mines magical gems

Trees ๐ŸŒฒ

After buying an Axe you can click on a tree to cut it down, this will provide wood which can be used to craft other tools that provide additional resources that are required to expand your land. Tools are a one-time use, cutting down 1 tree will consume 1 Axe. Mining 1 gold node will consume 1 iron pickaxe.

ResourceRequiresOutputsTime to Replenish

1 axe

1 or 2 wood

2 hours


Players can discover basic minerals throughout all islands on Sunflower Land.

ResourceRequiresOutputsTime to replenish

1 wood pickaxe

1 or 2 stone

4 hours

1 stone pickaxe

1 or 2 iron

8 hours

1 iron pickaxe

1 or 2 gold

24 hours

Magical Gems

Players can discover magical gems while upgrading their islands. Magical Gems have differing properties and ways to attain them.


Crimstone is a unique gem that can be discovered when a player expands in Petal Paradise (Island Levels). Hidden at the core of a Crimstone rock is a huge gem that players must slowly uncover.

Each time you mine a Crimstone rock, you will receive 1 Crimstone and uncover the large hidden gem. If you mine the rock 5 days in row, you will receive the large gem (3 crimstone).

ResourceRequiresOutputsTime to replenish


1 gold pickaxe

1 or 3 crimstone

24 hours

If you miss 1 day, the Crimstone will recover and progress will start again.


Sun Stones are a magical gem with powerful abilities. They are scarcely found throughout regions such as Petal Paradise, Desert Land, Swamp Lands and Volcanic Terrains.

Each Sun Stone rock that is discovered has a finite amount of Sun Stones that can be mined - 10 Sun Stones. Once completely depleted, the rock will be removed from your land.

ResourceRequiresOutputsTime to replenish


1 gold pickaxe

1 Sun Stone

72 hours

Mineral boosting equipment does not affect magical gems.

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