Sunflower Land

Island Upgrade

Howdy Bumpkin
Have you learnt the ropes in Sunflower Land and are ready to take your farming experience to the next level? Well now is your chance....introducing Island Upgrade!
Once you have reached enough expansions, you will be able to explore and discover a new and more powerful island to move your Bumpkins and collectibles. This feature enables players to:
  • Discover Exotic Islands
  • Support Multiple Bumpkins
  • Unlock new skills
  • Access bonus resource buffs
  • Discover new resources
  • Unlock more area for collectibles & decorations
  • Increase Hoarding limits
  • Unlock rare items, buildings & content
  • Increase reputation in Sunflower Land for lower taxes + bonus rewards.
This feature has flourished over the years and is also known as Island Upgrades, Multiple Bumpkins & Secondary Islands. A huge shout out to all of the players whose feedback has helped shape all of these mechanics
This feature is currently in development, details in this document are likely to change.

How to Upgrade?

Sunflower Land is full of unique and exotic islands that support a wide range of resources. When you start the game, you begin on a basic island with a basic tent. Once you have fully expanded your island to 9 expansions, you will be able to search and discover a new land to build upon.
When a player first upgrades, they will travel to Petal Paradise and find a brand new enchanted island. This island brings a range of new possibilities:
  • New Resources (Wild Flower, Magic Mushroom and Crimstone)
  • Support 2 Bumpkins on your farm.
  • 20 Expansions
  • Bonus plots, fruit patches, stone, iron & gold
  • Your Tent - becomes a House (12x12) to place decorations and collectibles
  • +10% XP Gnome
  • Increased Hoarding Limit
  • Unlock Bonus NPCs + Deliveries
A Brand new Island in Petal Paradise - resources have new skins
When you move to a new island, all of your natural resources, inventory, collectibles and more will be moved as well. You will then place these items on your land.
When you upgrade, all of your previous resource nodes (Plots, Trees, Stone, Iron, Gold + more) are returned to your inventory. You must then place these on your island.
One challenge of prestiging is that your small island cannot fit all of the resources in your inventory. Until you expand, you must be selective as to which ones you want to maintain.

Island Levels

Each time you upgrade, you unlock an island in a different area of Sunflower Land.
Upgrade Biomes will be finalised closer to launch.
You will be transported to a brand new island with different perks. Each island brings new advantages, including:
  • More max expansions (Up to 40 expansions)
  • New resources
  • Buffed Collectible Rewards
  • +1 Extra Bumpkin
  • Increased Home Size (e.g. Mansion that supports 20x20 grid)
  • Increased Hoarding Limit
  • Unlock Bonus NPCs + Deliveries
Players will also continue to find crop plots, fruit patches, trees + more while expanding on each island.
Additionally, there will be new rare gems and resources that can only be attained on Upgraded islands. These premium resources will be used for deliveries, auctions, special events and crafting rare collectibles.
In 2024 we will experimenting with some capped resource veins. When you discover these veins, you will be able to mine it until it runs out. The only way to discover more of these is by expanding. These resources will have scarcity for each player.

Home Upgrades

With each new upgrade, you will get an upgraded house which has more room to place all of your rare collectibles. This is a perfect way to save space on your main farm for resources.
Collectibles that are placed either on your farm or inside your house will both have an effect on your overall farming abilities. It is recommended to place boosts inside of your house to leave space on your farm for natural resources.

Reputation System

Bumpkins are proud builders & explorers. Improving your island upgrade is a sure way to earn respect throughout Sunflower Land. Each time you upgrade, you unlock a range of bonus content and perks inside of the game:
  • Reduced withdrawal taxes.
  • Bonus rewards from Bumpkins.
  • Restricted Areas & special events in the game.
  • Bonus wearables and collectibles to mark your upgrade
  • Extra upgrade badges and symbols in the MMO

Bonus Skills

The bonus room and levels will enable Bumpkins to reach new heights! To help celebrate the launch of the upgrade system, a range of bonus skills will be added to help you turbo charge your Bumpkin.
To view the upcoming skills, please refer to the community proposal:

Multiple Bumpkins

Are you looking to boost your farm with some hard working Bumpkins? Each time you upgrade, you are able to place an additional Bumpkin on your land, equip wearables and boost your farming abilities.
Additional Bumpkins can be added by visiting your house and following the UI. You can either purchase a Bumpkin with Block Bucks or use a Bumpkin NFT from your personal wallet.
5 Bumpkins at the Mansion

Bumpkin Boosts

Bumpkins are skilled labourers who are proud of their professions. On your island each Bumpkin can provide unique boosts to your farm & you cannot stack wearables with similar buffs.
For instance, you cannot reuse the same wearable or wearables which have similar boosts on your Bumpkins. This works similar to how Bud NFT boosts stack.
It is recommended to have Bumpkins focussed and equipped with wearables that do not overlap. For instance, have one Bumpkin wearing all crop wearables, another wearing Fishing related wearables and another wearing Fruit related wearables.
Similar to collectibles, wearables will be locked while in use. For instance, if you are wearing a Sunflower Amulet, you will not be able to dequip it whilst Sunflowers are planted.

Adding Bumpkins

To support the Multiple Bumpkin feature, we are going to use an off chain approach to track Bumpkin creation & progress. This makes it more seamless & feasible to support Bumpkins inside of Sunflower Land without risk of Bumpkin sharing and exploits to bypass game restrictions.
This means new Bumpkins will no longer be NFTs.
If you plan on using the experience on a Bumpkin NFT from a marketplace, ensure it is your primary Bumpkin on your farm before February (date to be finalised)
With the new off-chain approach, players no longer need to keep their original Bumpkin NFTs on their farm. From February we will no longer read on chain Bumpkin data. You will be able to withdraw your Bumpkin NFT as a PFP collectible into your personal wallet (wearables will stay on the farm, non-equipped wearables will be withdrawable if they were before). The Bumpkin and its experience will remain on your farm

How will this affect current farms?

With the new upgrade system there are expansion limits for each island.
For players who have already reached 16 expansions, they will be able to instantly upgrade once the system is ready. As soon as they upgrade, they will recover any additional expansions they already made. This means you could start Upgrade 2 instantly with 9 expansions.
You will keep all of your natural resources and be given any additional new resources.
If you decide not to upgrade, you will keep your expansions but will not be able to access all of the exciting opportunities on the new land.

When will this be rolled out?

The Upgrade system is a huge update which includes multiple components. We are currently in the technical planning and art stage. Implementation will begin in December. Whilst we will try to ship this as a single feature, we may release certain aspects ahead of time to get feedback. The priority is as follows:
  1. 1.
    Upgrade Islands, Homes, Expansions + Resources
  2. 2.
    Multiple Bumpkins
  3. 3.
    Upgrade Status - Rewards, Perks, Bonus Content + More
  4. 4.
    Skill System
  5. 5.
    New Resources

Bumpkin Migration

On February 1st, we will shift towards a new approach to storing Bumpkin data. Please see Adding Bumpkins
From 30th of April 2024, you can no longer deposit Bumpkins into Sunflower Land. Do not purchase a Bumpkin for the wearables, experience, skills and achievements. These will now be stored on your Account NFT.
To support multiple Bumpkins, the team are rolling out a range of improvements.
What does this mean for my Bumpkin?
If your Bumpkin is on your farm, you will not be affected by the change. You can continue playing as normal.
What happens to the Bumpkin NFT?
You still have ownership of the Bumpkin NFT, however it will only be used for cosmetic purposes such as a Profile Picture.
From May 1st, If you desire, you can withdraw the NFT from your farm. The Bumpkin NPC & all of the wearables will remain on the farm and you can continue playing. The NFT can then sit in your personal wallet - none of the wearables or progress will be attached to it.
What happens to additional Bumpkins in my personal wallet?
If you have accumulated multiple Bumpkins in your personal wallet, you will be airdropped 'Farm Hand Coupons' depending on the snapshot taken in January. This can be used inside of the game to purchase extra Bumpkins for free when you Upgrade (otherwise Block Bucks are required).
The team will take multiple snapshots (1st of January & 19th of January), to ensure players who had extra Bumpkins will receive the coupons.
The airdrop will happen on the last week of January.
Bumpkins attained after this date, will not receive the farm hand coupons.
Can I still send a bumpking to my farm to get the skills/exp on them? After the 30th of April, you will no longer be able to deposit Bumpkin NFTs into Sunflower Land, only the Bumpkin wearables.
What happens if wearables are attached to an additional Bumpkin I have? The team are releasing a 'Dequipper' feature which will allow you to withdraw any wearables that are stuck on Bumpkin NFTs (in your personal wallet). You can access this in Settings > Advanced > Dequipper. Here you can 'transfer' any clothes attached to a Bumpkin in your personal wallet. This ensures that no clothes can be stuck on extra Bumpkins you have.
Your current Bumpkin in-game is not affected by this. You will be able to withdraw the wearables at any time through the normal Goblin Bank Withdraw (given they are not in use).
Should I buy Bumpkin NFTs?
If you want additional Bumpkins on your farm, you will purchase these in-game when you upgrade (free if you have the farm hand coupon).
Bumpkin NFTs can still be collected, but used solely as PFP collectibles. From April 30th, you can no longer deposit a Bumpkin & it's experience.


Am I forced to upgrade?
Players who upgrade will gain access to new buffs, bumpkins, content etc. It is up to the player when and if they want to upgrade given they meet the requirements.
How will this affect future mechanics?
Future mechanics will also be gated based on your upgrade and Bumpkin Level. These includes future crops, fruits, animals and other resources.
When I upgrade, where do all of my plots, fruit, trees & minerals go?
These are returned to your inventory. You can then place them where you want.
Where do all of my resources, buildings & collectibles go?
These are returned to your inventory and you can then place them where you want.
On the new island with upgrade does the expansion are still 6x6 squares?
Yes, the expansions will be the same size.
Will there be a change to the experience curve?
The team will look at balancing the overall expansions and level system with this big update. It is likely that early levels may become easier to attain.
How hard is each upgrade going to be?
We want to expose the magic of discovering a new island relatively early for new players. A player will be able to upgrade relatively easy (1 month). Each island will become progressively more difficult. We anticipate it to take over 1 year to reach the final upgrade.
Will new resource veins be tradeable.
This is to be decide.
Am I disadvantaged in a season if I upgrade?
When you upgrade you keep all of your natural resources, however you have less space to place them. On each new island, the first few expansions are relatively easy to achieve so you should gain enough space to place your resources quite quickly.
Will the prices for new expansions be the same (what if I spent a lot already)?
The prices will be different and require different resources, especially the new ones that are produced. If you have expanded past 9, you will be reimbursed any resources upon unlocking the equivalent expansion in petal island.