Sunflower Land


This feature is currently in development.
Every three months, new craftable items, mutant animals, decorations, and special events become available, reflecting the changing seasons and offering players new challenges and opportunities.
Overall, the seasonal game mechanic adds depth and variety to Sunflower Land, encouraging players to stay engaged and invested in their virtual farm all year round.
This document is your guide to preparing for seasons and what to expect.

Seasonal Changes

At the start of each season, a range of new items are introduced to the game:
  • Limited edition items that enhance farming abilities
  • Limited edition Seasonal Decorations
  • Mutant Animals
  • Rare Treasures
A season can also introduce the following:
  • Surprise seasonal events and competitions
  • Seasonal Crops

Seasonal Tickets

Every season, players have the chance to complete various challenges and quests, which will reward them with a seasonal tickets. For instance, during the Solar Flare seasons players will be able to earn a Solar Flare Ticket.
Seasonal Tickets are bonus items that are given to players upon completion of challenges.
  1. 1.
    Players will be able to receive seasonal tickets every time they complete Deliveries.
  1. 2.
    Players will be able to receive 1 Bonus Seasonal Ticket with each Daily Reward
  1. 3.
    Players can complete farm chores at HaySeed Hank
Most of seasonal tickets will come from the above in-game challenges.
A player can also discover a Seasonal Ticket by planting crops each day. This is weighted based on the time a crop takes to grow (including any speed buffs). Crops that take longer to grow, have a higher chance of yielding a Seasonal Ticket. For example:
  • A 55 second Sunflower has 55/2592000 chance of yielding a ticket
  • A 24 hour Radish has a 86400/2592000 chance of yielding a ticket
Instant Crops have a 0% chance of discovering a seasonal ticket.

What can I do with Seasonal tickets?

Every season will have lots of rare items for players to choose from. You must be strategic in how you allocate your free Seasonal tickets. Do you risk it and go for something extremely rare or secure some mid tier items?
This creates a fun emergent behaviour where players need to consider desires of the community and plan accordingly.
Each season will have a range of items that cater for different player types. A new player would likely go for a high supply decoration, whereas an OG player would go for the high-end items.
Seasonal tickets introduces a game of risk where you must strategically plan what items you want to strive for and predict what items other players will try to get.

Goblin Blacksmith

Each season will have multiple items available at the Blacksmith with limited supply.
Once you collect the required ingredients (resources + Seasonal tickets) you can craft an item. This is on a first come first serve basis. Once the supply has run out, the item is no longer available
Seasonal items are removed from the Blacksmith at the end of the season.

Swap for SFL

You can also visit the Garbage Collector NPC and swap your Seasonal Tickets for SFL.
How good!


Will I see a list of all available seasonal items in advance?

Yes, the team will publish the available items in a season ahead of time so you can plan and strategies accordingly. However, the team reserves the right to announce additional surprise or seasonal events.

Can I trade seasonal tickets?


What resources are required?

Players will still need to gather a significant amount of resources to craft Blacksmith items.
Seasonal tickets does not aim to replace the required resources, it is a bonus mechanism.
Players must still grind and burn a significant amount of resources to craft an item.
Seasonal tickets have utility during the active season. Do not expect future utility to to come once the season has ended