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By contributing to Github, Discord or other socials you provide Sunflower Land the ownership of any IP contributed to the project to use indefinitely. This includes code, discussions (ideas) and all types of artwork. Being a decentralised game, players may list and trade items that are based on your submissions. By submitting content, you agree to the terms of service of the game and these conditions.

You confirm that the artwork is original and completely your design. Copying others artwork can land yourself and the project in trouble.

Looking to contribute? 🤩

First of all, do not forget to get your Artist Role on Discord to have access to the artist channels.

We are always excited about what our talented community is designing. If you are interested in contributing artwork to the game please head over to our #artist-chat in Discord and introduce yourself!

Don't have any ideas? We would suggest scanning the Sunflower Land Open Issues and seeing if there is something that catches your eye.

If you are looking for something to work on, the team manages an open list of art requests on Github you can check out - Sunflower Land Art Requests.

Sunflower Land is an open-source project, which means that you can find the assets, animations and backgrounds being used in game on github! Need any asset for new art work ? Try to find it here - Github Assets

You can also check out our latest artwork preview at Sunflower Land Art Preview.

Something doesn't look quite right? Design a better version, submit it and help us improve the game! 🤗

Certified Art Contributor 👑

Certified Art Contributors are respected members that are active in art channels and are constrantly contributing to our community by answering questions, submitting designs and helping the team to take important decisions!

If multiple pieces of your art are in the game you may be eligible for a "Certified Art Contributor" role! Submissions are based on time you have been active in the community and the quality of your art.

Tag a Certified Art Contributor in #artist-chat and request your brand new role!🤩 The Certified Art role is chosen by the current certified artists ❤ī¸

Guidelines 🖌ī¸

The base asset pack is designed by Daniel Diggle. If you wish to use the pack in your designs, please purchase the pack first. Sunflower Land is currently building on top of this asset pack to create an accessible and consistent design for the Open Source contributors to use.

The community has built on top of this pack adding new characters, resources, seasons, items and much more. All in-game NFTs and rare items have been designed by the community through competitions and voting.

When submitting art for an item, it is imperative that you do not copy another artist's work.

Non Paid Work

You acknowledge that any contributions to Sunflower Land does not have any expectations of payment or rewards. You contribute designs freely for the use of the game without commission or royalties.

Art Contractors

We have multiple outstanding arists that have become contractors for Sunflower Land art. Their purpose is to help guide the community, highlight the best submissions and work on designs.

These positions are paid.


- How do I submit the art work?

To help organize what art work the project needs, what is being voted on and what is accepted please upload your image as an attachment to the Github issue or discussion. You will need to include:

- The raw asset;

- minified version (1px units) and an enlarged preview version;

- A screenshot of the asset in the game;

- Your Polygon address (often used for airdropping assets to the winning designer);

Here is a good example that includes the minified, enlarged and screenshot preview:

- How does the art get accepted?

The team is exploring DAO mechanisms and voting rights for people with certain NFTs. Until we have this automated system, artwork is picked by community consensus in Discord and on the Github Discussions.

- Which programs / apps should I use ?

Any pixel art editor shall work just fine. Aseprite is one of the favorites of our artists for creating new designs and working on animations, We also have some popular and free options like Piskel and Pixilart.

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