Sunflower Land
For Designers

Looking to contribute?

We are always excited about what our talented community is designing. If you are interested in contributing artwork to the game please head over to our #artists-chat in Discord and introduce yourself.
If you are looking for something to work on, the team manages an open list of art requests on Github you can check out the art requests.
Have you got an idea? That is even better! We are always looking for new pieces of art work to feature in the game.
By submitting art work to the project you provide Thought Farm Pty Ltd ownership of the IP to use. You will receive accreditation for your work. Artists designs are usually airdropped to the designer but there is no guarantee. Read more You also acknowledge that you are the original designer of the art.


The base asset pack is designed by Daniel Diggle. If you wish to use the pack in your designs, please purchase the pack first. Sunflower Land is currently building on top of this asset pack to create an accessible and consistent design for the Open Source contributors to use.
The community has built on top of this pack adding new characters, resources, seasons, items and much more. All in-game NFTs and rare items have been designed by the community through competitions and voting.
When submitting art for an item, it is imperative that you do not copy another artist's work. You can read more about the guidelines here:


Occasionally the team and community run competitions and giveaways for designers. Keep a close eye on the Discord channel.

Community Crafting NFTs

The vision of the platform is to build a seamless mechanism that allows talented pixel artists and game designers to launch their ideas.
This feature will enable designers to launch their creations and receive a cut whenever the item is purchased in game.
This feature is aimed for Q3 2022. The primary focus right now is building out an awesome Sunflower Land and attracting a player base.
Our aim will be to onboard artists who have helped out the project so far as our first official Community NFTs on launch.