Dynamic Supply & Demand

The halvening is a mechanic that attempts to reflect real world supply and demand to determine the prices of in-game items. The purpose of the halvening is to mitigate inflation of the SFL token as more players onboard and promote engaging gameplay. Essentially, the more players that begin playing, then the harder it will be to earn SFL.

The next halvening period is when we reach a total supply of 40,000,000. You can track the supply of SFL here: https://polygonscan.com/token/0xd1f9c58e33933a993a3891f8acfe05a68e1afc05

What does the Halvening do?

When a halvening occurs, the buy and sale price of a range of in-game items becomes half the amount. This means that a seed which previously cost 1 SFL to buy would now cost 0.5 SFL.

This also means that a crop which could be sold for 2 SFL, now can only be sold for 1 SFL.

When does a Halvening occur?

The halvening and corresponding prices are based on the total supply of the token.

This includes circulating and tokens sent to the burnt address.

When the supply is less than 100, 000 farmers receive $0.02 SFL when they sell a sunflower. On the other hand, when supply is between 100, 000 and 500, 000 farmers will only receive $0.01 SFL when they harvest a sunflower.

Tokens in supply

SFL per Sunflower Harvested

Less than 100,000


Less than 500, 000


Less than 1, 000, 000


Less than 5, 000, 000


Less than 10, 000, 000


Less than 20, 000, 000


Less than 30, 000, 000


Less than 40, 000, 000


Less than 50, 000, 000


Every 10 million tokens half again.


A rough time estimate of the total supply threshold is made and announced to players. When this time is reached, the prices automatically update.

What prices are affected by the Halvening? ✅

The halvening affects the SFL requirements for a range of resources.

  • Seed buy prices

  • Crop & Fruit sell prices

  • Chickens

  • Treasure Island Bounties

  • Exotic Crops

  • Deliveries Reward Base SFL (The profit on each delivery will stay the same but overall price will decrease)

  • Buildings (excluding wells)

What prices are not affected by the Halvening? ⛔

The following items are not affected by the halvening.

  • Expansions

  • Tools

  • Decorations

  • Stella & Auction items

  • Potion House entry fee

  • Workbench craftable items (Basic crow..etc.)

These items are the not designated as halving items as they are critical to the resource economy and provide a great burn of SFL in the game.


When does the halvening come into affect?

The team will manually implement the halvening as close as possible to the supply metric. This may be slightly off the exact number.

A 24 hour countdown will appear in game once we are closing in.

Why is delivery profit NOT halving?

Deliveries have become a great mechanic which encourages players to diversify their resource management. We want to encourage this behaviour and hence have kept the incentives of a decent profit when completing deliveries.

The SFL profit also provides a great means for new and existing players to earn a consistent amount of SFL to craft tools, expand & collect decorations and equipment. With a lowered SFL earn on crops, deliveries ensures that players can still progress without getting frustrated.

How do I prepare for a Halvening?

Should you keep resources for upcoming events/rare items or do you want to sell them while the sale price is higher?

If you keep your resources, you may be advantaged with upcoming events or rare items that may be released. For instance, Auctions that may occur following the Halvening. On the other-hand, if you sell your resources before the halvening you will receive twice the amount of SFL.

Sunflower Land is a game and this part of the strategy is all up to you.

Good luck with your decision!

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