Sunflower Land

Dynamic Supply & Demand

The halvening is a mechanic that attempts to reflect real world supply and demand to determine the prices of in-game items. The purpose of the halvening is to mitigate inflation of the SFL token as more players onboard and promote engaging gameplay. Essentially, the more players that begin playing, then the harder it will be to earn SFL.
The next halvening period is when we reach a total supply of 30,000,000. This is estimated to occur 2023-09-21 12:00am UTC.

What does the Halvening do?

When a halvening occurs, the buy and sale price of a range of in-game items becomes half the amount. This means that a seed which previously cost 1 SFL to buy would now cost 0.5 SFL.
This also means that a crop which could be sold for 2 SFL, now can only be sold for 1 SFL.

When does a Halvening occur?

The halvening and corresponding prices are based on the total supply of the token.
This includes circulating and tokens sent to the burnt address.
When the supply is less than 100, 000 farmers receive $0.02 when they sell a sunflower. On the other hand, when supply is between 100, 000 and 500, 000 farmers will only receive $0.01 when they harvest a sunflower.
Tokens in supply
SFL per Sunflower Harvested
Less than 100,000
Less than 500, 000
Less than 1, 000, 000
Less than 5, 000, 000
Less than 10, 000, 000
Less than 20, 000, 000
Less than 30, 000, 000
Les than 40, 000, 000
Less than 50, 000, 000
Every 10 million tokens half again.
A rough time estimate of the total supply threshold is made and announced to players. When this time is reached, the prices automatically update.

What prices are affected by the Halvening?

The halvening affects the SFL requirements in a range of shops
  • Seed buy prices
  • Crop sell prices
  • Kitchen SFL requirements
  • Tools (only in Land Expansion)
  • Animals
  • Cake sale prices

"Wow, tools are so expensive. How will I afford these?"

The last thing we want is for players to feel like they can no longer access game features due to difficulty of earning the SFL token. These issues have been addressed in Sunflower Isles with a new and improved pricing structure and avenues to earn SFL.
Until we launch this, we will include a range of weekly specials to ensure that you can continue to craft tools and collect resources for the war effort.
Sunflower Isles Beta is expected to go live in November

What items are not affected by the Halvening?

The halvening does not affect the resources required for items. For example, the required crops required for a cake recipe. These amounts remain the same each halvening.
The halvening also does not affect rare items that can be minted at Goblin Village. This is to ensure that players that mint an item during a given halvening period are not disadvantaged by the item becoming cheaper.

How do I prepare for a Halvening?

Should you keep resources for upcoming events/rare items or do you want to sell them while the sale price is higher?
If you keep your resources, you may be advantaged with upcoming events or rare items that may be released. On the other-side, if you sell your resources before the halvening you will receive twice the amount of SFL.
Sunflower Land is a game and this part of the strategy is all up to you.
Good luck with your decision!