Sunflower Land

Economic Controls

Not a financial product
The crypto gaming ecosystem is plagued with projects that focus on pre-sales, exclusive mints, staking and much more without even building a game. At Sunflower Land we do things differently. There is no pre-mine of the token. We make our revenue through ongoing micro-transactions and sale of in-game premium items such as cosmetics and expansion packs. Our goal is to design an economy that is sustainable for the long run.
Sunflower Land is a game, not a financial service. For this reason we do not have an official 'Whitepaper'.

How do we combat inflation?

Being a Web3 game, we do face real concerns around inflation of in-game resources. To help sustain our in-game economy Sunflower Land employs a range of mechanisms.
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    Crafting Requirements - SFL and in-game resources are used to craft rare SFTs in Sunflower Land, at and a range of other community projects
  2. 3.
    Sink Mechanics - features which aim to burn resources
    - See Treasure Island
  3. 4.
    Withdrawal and trading taxes. % of resources are burnt when withdrawn or traded - See Withdrawing​