Sunflower Land
In Game Fees
June 15th 2022
Our goal is to provide transparency around all aspects of the project. The purpose of this document is to explore the fee structure that is used to generate revenue.


The revenue model of Sunflower Land is a transactional model. Instead of performing a pre-sale of the token or NFTs we collect small fees on in-game transactions. This helps support the project, build new features and grow the project.

State of the market

Our main revenue stream is the sync fee that players pay when they wish to move their game data onto the blockchain roughly every 1-2 days. When we launched beta this was 0.1 MATIC which was $0.15 USD at the time. At the time of writing 0.1 MATIC is $0.037 USD.
If the trend of the bear market continues this will cause a range of problems:
  1. 1.
    Project earns less revenue - less features, less gameplay & less growth
  2. 2.
    SFL is generated for less MATIC - encourages botters, multi accounters and SFL sell pressure
  3. 3.
    Liquidity Pool suffers - the success of the game will be tied to the current crypto market.
For an in depth analysis of these problems please refer to the community discussion - To sustain development of the game, forecast upcoming initiatives and make new hires we are looking to base our fees on a USD price. Everyone will continue to use MATIC to mint farms and pay sync fees, but the amount of MATIC needed will dynamically change based on the current MATIC/USD price.

Syncing Less

The team is working on a range of initiatives to reduce the amount of times you need to sync on- chain. At its core, you will no longer need to sync on chain before minting, withdrawing or performing other on-chain actions in Goblin Village. A sync will only be necessary when moving game data on on-chain.
Currently the team have already updated the following which are live:
  • No longer need to sync on chain after depositing assets
  • No longer needing to sync before visiting Goblin village

USDC Liquidity Pool

We want to diversify liquidity in the game and support a healthy USDC/SFL and MATIC/SFL liquidity pool. This will help provide sustainable pools to ensure that players can continue to trade tokens amongst themselves. It also means that if MATIC continues to fall, we have the support of the USDC/SFL pool.
When minting a farm, 20% of the fee will be used to automatically add liquidity to the USDC/SFL.

Upcoming Fee Structure

  1. 1.
    Mint a farm - $5 USD worth of MATIC
  2. 2.
    Sync - $0.10 USD worth of MATIC
The following changes are under construction and will come in-effect at least 72 hours after this post was made - 18th June 2022
Dynamic Prices
These fees will be paid in MATIC and dynamically calculated at the point of transaction. This means if the price of 1 MATIC is $0.50 USD then a user pays 0.2 MATIC to sync on-chain.
If the price of 1 MATIC increases to $2 USD then a user pays 0.05 MATIC to sync on-chain.