Sunflower Land

In Game Fees

June 15th 2022
Our goal is to provide transparency around all aspects of the project. The purpose of this document is to explore the fee structure that is used to generate revenue.


The revenue model of Sunflower Land is a transactional model. Instead of performing a pre-sale of the token or NFTs we collect small fees on in-game transactions. This helps support the project, build new features and grow the project.

Block Bucks

Our main revenue stream comes from in-game "Block Bucks" To sustain development of the game, forecast upcoming initiatives and make new hires we base our fees on a USDC price. When the price of MATIC is high, the sync fee lessens. Likewise, when MATIC is low, the MATIC required to sync increases.

Fee Structure

  1. 1.
    Golden Pass - $4.99 USD worth of MATIC (Free for players who minted a farm before 17th July 2023
  2. 2.
    Block Bucks: