Sunflower Land


Expanding land is one of the core gameplay elements in Sunflower Land. Expanding land enables players to discover more resources, increase their farming operations, uncover lore and build their empire.

Concept Design

A farmer begins with a small square of land in a vast ocean. The goal is simple: gather resources and expand your land. As player's progress they will discover new resources and be able to gather, build and collect more.
Each piece of land will be a unique NFT that has different resources. This mean's every person's farming empire will be different. The core requirements for expanding land are the natural resources that reside on the land including wood, stone, iron, gold etc.


  • Natural Resources
  • Fertile Soil - How many crops can be planted
  • Difficulty - What farming level is required to expand?

Land Expansion Loop

The land expansion gameplay loop at its core is based on an engaging reinforcing loop of a player collecting resources to expand their land to then discover and collect more resources. As a player expands, it becomes increasingly more difficult to gather resources to expand to the next piece of land. This creates an autotelic experience with emergent and long lasting gameplay.
A player has the choice between
1. Crafting an item with resource gathering buffs 2. Expanding their land to discover more resources
A player must balance these decisions if they wish to have a bountiful and efficient farm.
This does not include the resource sinks for crafting buildings and rare items
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