💾On Chain Architecture

Sunflower Land uses an innovative tokenised approach to everything inside of the game. In essence, the entirety of the game lives on the Blockchain. Only player's sessions (1 to 2 days worth of progress) are persisted in a temporary database. Our architecture philosophy is that everything can be recovered from the Blockchain if needed.

This means that you can query the Blockchain directly for the following:

  • Player accounts

  • Player balances + collectibles

  • Land Expansions

  • Bumpkins - Experience, Achievements, Skills + Equipment

We are not blockchain maximalist and understand not everything needs to reside on the Blockchain for design reasons. The following data is not stored on the Blockchain:

  • Placement of SFTs on a player's island

  • Land resources (in progress crops, trees, animals, minerals etc.)


In the examples provided we use NodeJS and a RPC HTTP endpoint to simplify the queries.

You can set up an account with Alchemy to query the data in a similar fashiojn

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