Sunflower Land


This feature is currently in Beta Testing mode. The purpose is to create a more balanced version of the Grub Shop with exciting features. During Beta Testing no Dawn Breaker Tickets will be given.
Sunflower Land is full of hungry Goblins and Bumpkins who need your help. Here's a guide on how to deliver food, help your fellow Bumpkins and become a top-notch farmer

How to Deliver Food?

It's easy! Head over to the town center and click on the board. You'll see a list of available orders. Once you choose an order, you'll notice a green tick next to it. Click on "Deliver," and voila! Your resources will be taken, and you'll receive a reward.

Reward System

The reward you receive depends on the difficulty of the request. The harder the order, the greater the reward. So make sure you choose wisely and prioritize the orders that give you the most bang for your buck!

Order Slots

As a new player, you'll start with three postings. But don't worry as you expand your farm (to six expansions), you'll unlock an additional three postings. This way, advanced players can complete more orders, and everyone can have fun delivering food!
Every 8 hours
Every 6 hours
Every 4.8 Hours
Every 4 hours

Incoming Orders

New orders come in every four hours. But be careful! If you don't have any available slots, you must first complete the order before a new one can come in. These orders can range from farming produce to cooking food to gathering resources. The stronger your Bumpkin gets, the harder the requests get! But don't fret; most orders should be within your skill set. However, at times a difficult order will arise that may require you to level up to unlock. Orders will remain on the board until they are complete, challenging players to complete a variety of orders.


We know how hard you're working, so we've added some bonuses for you! When you complete a certain amount of orders, you'll receive a bonus prize. These prizes include 3 Block Bucks, 25 SFL, Radish Cake + 1 SFL, 5 SFL, Carrot Cake, Sand Drill, and 2 SFL. So keep completing those orders and watch your farm thrive!
To claim a reward, click on the chest icon.


Q: Can I cancel an order? A: No, once you've accepted an order, you must complete it to make space for new orders.
Q: Can I upgrade my farm to get more order postings? A: Yes! You can expand your farm up to six expansions to unlock more order postings.
Q: I don't meet the requirements to complete an order? A: Occassionally you will receive a reward which requires you to level up or unlock a new building. This is intended to ensure players challenge themselves and keep expanding!
We hope this guide has helped you understand the order delivery feature in Sunflower Land better. So get farming, complete those orders, and watch your farm grow!