Sunflower Land


Sunflower Land is full of hungry Goblins and Bumpkins who need your help. Here's a guide on how to deliver food, help your fellow Bumpkins and become a top-notch farmer.
To reward your hard work, you will be given either SFL or Seasonal Resources that you can exchange for rare items.

How to receive orders?

Each day, a new set of orders will automatically become available for you.
Based on your number of expansions, you will receive orders from a variety of NPCs. The further you advance, the more difficult NPCs that will ask for orders.
As a new player, you'll start with three postings. But don't worry as you expand your farm you'll unlock an additional postings. This way, advanced players can complete more orders, and everyone can have fun delivering food!
"grimbly", "betty", "grimtooth", "pumpkin' pete"
"grimbly", "betty", "grimtooth", "blacksmith", "pumpkin' pete", "bert",
"grimbly", "betty", "grimtooth", "grubnuk", "blacksmith", "pumpkin' pete", "raven", "bert",
"grimbly", "betty", "grimtooth", "grubnuk", "blacksmith", "pumpkin' pete", "cornwell", "raven", "bert", "timmy"
"grimbly", "betty", "grimtooth", "grubnuk", "blacksmith", "pumpkin' pete", "cornwell", "raven", "bert", "timmy", "tywin",

When do new orders come?

At 12am UTC each day, new orders will become available for players.
Any order that has been completed, will automatically be replaced with a new incoming order.
An order that is still in progress will remain on your board, giving you ample time to complete it. Once you have finished a previous day's order, a new order will then appear for you.

How to complete orders?

The Pumpkin Plaza is your hub for connecting with a delightful array of Bumpkin NPCs. Venture into this bustling location and meet with a variety of NPCs, each requiring specific ingredients. On the bottom left of your screen you'll see a 'world' icon and a 'deliveries' tab with a list of available orders, it will also show you which NPC will trade that order for you.
Walk to the intended NPC, click on the Delivery Order, press 'Deliver' and voila! Your resources will be taken, and you'll receive a reward.


Players will now be able to skip as many orders as they wish at the start of the following day 00 UTC. Do note, if you skip a delivery you will lose the opportunity to have been rewarded the seasonal tickets or SFL.


Q: Can I cancel an order? A: No, once an order has arrived, you must complete it or skip it to make space for new orders.
Q: Can I upgrade my farm to get more order postings? A: Yes! You can expand your farm to unlock more order postings.
We hope this guide has helped you understand the order delivery feature in Sunflower Land better. So get farming, complete those orders, and watch your farm grow!