💑MMO Server

Do you want player interaction inside of your Portal? This can be useful for mini-games that require co-operation or chat features.


To connect to Sunflower Land MMO server, you must first update your .env file


Next you must ensure that a valid JWT is present from the player, see Setup & Authorisation

Connect to Server

We use colyseus to manage MMO connections inside of the game. See the example below in portalMachine.ts as to how the Crop Boom minigame creates a server connection.

          // Join the MMO Server
          let mmoServer: Room<PlazaRoomState> | undefined;
          const serverName = getServer();
          const mmoUrl = CONFIG.ROOM_URL;

          if (serverName && mmoUrl) {
            const client = new Client(mmoUrl);

            mmoServer = await client?.joinOrCreate<PlazaRoomState>(serverName, {
              jwt: context.jwt,
              bumpkin: game?.bumpkin,
              x: SPAWNS.portal_example.default.x,
              y: SPAWNS.portal_example.default.y,
              sceneId: "portal_example",
              experience: game.bumpkin?.experience ?? 0,

Once you have established a server connection, you must pass this mmoServer into your Phaser initialisation.

game.current.registry.set("mmoServer", portalState.context.mmoServer);

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