๐Ÿ’‘MMO Server

Do you want player interaction inside of your Portal? This can be useful for mini-games that require co-operation or chat features.


To connect to Sunflower Land MMO server, you must first update your .env file


Connect to Server

We use colyseus to manage MMO connections inside of the game. See the example below in portalMachine.ts as to how the Crop Boom minigame creates a server connection.

          // Join the MMO Server
          let mmoServer: Room<PlazaRoomState> | undefined;
          const serverName = getServer();
          const mmoUrl = CONFIG.ROOM_URL;

          if (serverName && mmoUrl) {
            const client = new Client(mmoUrl);

            mmoServer = await client?.joinOrCreate<PlazaRoomState>(serverName, {
              jwt: context.jwt,
              bumpkin: game?.bumpkin,
              x: SPAWNS.crop_boom.default.x,
              y: SPAWNS.crop_boom.default.y,
              sceneId: "crop_boom",
              experience: game.bumpkin?.experience ?? 0,

Once you have established a server connection, you must pass this mmoServer into your Phaser initialisation.

game.current.registry.set("mmoServer", portalState.context.mmoServer);

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