๐ŸŽจBrand Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to provide 3rd parties with the best practices for using Sunflower Land logos, wording & imagery.

Pixel Art / Sizing

All of our designs are based on pixel art and we stored files as optimzed webp and pngs. To enlarge these assets. most photo editing software have pixelised scaling built in but you can also use online tools such as Pixel Scaler to achieve the size you desire.


Main Logo used as stand-alone - png/svg

Icon - png/svg


For headers, we use a community designed custom font. This is useful for short 1-2 word titles or call to actions.

When using the letters, ensure that the dark colours of the letters are touching each other.

For secondary/complimentary text, we mainly use the pixelised Google Font - Press Start 2P. This is useful if you want to showcase the retro style of the game.


Sunflower Land is based on the Endesga 32 palette - https://lospec.com/palette-list/endesga-32

Our branding is targeted at gamers and we lean heavily towards bright colours + the use of our main logo.

For backgrounds we suggest using 2 colours:


Below are the recommended assets to use when showcasing the project. For additional assets, please find them here

These are minifed pixel art - we recommend using the Pixel Scaler above to get your desired dimensions.

  1. Island Graphics - Core Gameplay

  1. Bumpkins

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