๐Ÿ“…May 2023 Report

We are changing the way crypto gaming operates. We have full transparency with our community around the roadmap for the game and the underlying treasury.We are a proudly Sydney based team. This means we pay Australian taxes and must always liquidate and reserve at least 30% for corporate taxes๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บโ€‹The following is used for educational purposes only and is no indication for accounting, valuations and/or taxation purposes. The numbers below reflect rough estimates or reflections of on-chain activity and are prone to mistakes

Values are in $USD As of writing, 1 MATIC = $0.88 USD

May Goals

  1. Dawn Breaker Season Launch

  2. Poko partnership and integration of their on-ramp aggregator product

  3. Millions on Mars Crossover Event

  4. Polkerstarter Collaboration - Seed Seeker Quest

  5. 3 Day Hackathon to build RPG island

  6. Introduction of Area-of-effect items (AOE)

  7. Completion of Referral Competition

  8. 10 x new Bumpkin levels

May Net Revenue

In May 2023, Thought Farm accumulated roughly $ 53,500 USD net revenue. To account for income tax easier, all revenue streams were converted into FIAT on a 2-3 day basis.

May Expenses

We successfully achieved startup credits for our infrastructure services which cuts down the technical expenses significantly. In May 2023, expenses accumulated roughly $ 62,000 USD expenses:

  • Technical infrastructure + services - $3.1K USD

  • Legal & Accounting - $1K USD

  • Salaries - $46.1K USD

  • Jigger - $1K USD

  • Contractors - $7.8K USD (PR, Communications, Art Design, Support Team)

  • Equipment Costs - $2k

  • Travel Costs - $1.5k

Sunflower Land Treasury

Sunflower Land has sufficient capital and runway to fund our future business plans.

The recent announcement of the Digital Games Tax Offset in Australia means Sunflower Land will receive a 30% refundable tax offset on all onshore gaming expenditure, including all game development related salaries from 1 July 22. Sunflower Land is also eligible for an additional 10% Digital Games Rebate on expenditure dating back to February 23 and into the future.

Both incentives will provide a significant cash flow boost from previous expenditure, and ongoing into the future.

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