Sunflower Land

User Journey

Our user journey focuses on the aspect of a non-crypto native interested in the game. Once we nail that experience, we will see real mass adoption.


A player begins with a single piece of land in a vast ocean. We want to evoke a sense of awe and urge to expand their land. By the end of the learning stage a player should understand the core game loops and onboard into Web3.
Timeframe: First 5 pieces of land (roughly 1 week)
Core game loops
  • Farming and resource collection
  • Land expansion - using resources to expand
  • Character levelling - using food to upgrade characters
  • Building construction and upgrades
  • Tool crafting, tree and stone collection
Web3 Onboarding
The aim is to help onboard users and explain some core aspects of playing Web3 games. A player will be able to begin playing without any sort of Web3 setup. As they play the game there will be ‘challenges’ that require them to take the next step in Web3 onboarding.
Web3 can be complicated and intimidating. Our aim is to give them “quick wins” and sense of accomplishment to encourage them to continue the Web3 onboarding process.
  1. 1.
    Player connects MetaMask wallet - After 15 minutes of gameplay a user should be fairly engaged and asked to set up Metamask. This is a fairly simple task that once done the user should feel a sense of accomplishment and the idea that “Web3 is not that difficult”
  2. 2.
    After 30-60 minutes of gameplay and engagement the next task is to mint a new piece of NFT land. The aim is by this stage the user is engaged in the game and not intimidated by the prospect of Web3. At this point we try to on ramp them to get MATIC into their wallet.


During the regular stage a player should have a sufficient understanding of the core game loops and at this point we ‘take the training wheels off’. A player now has the freedom to follow their own path to expand land, discover resources, construct new buildings and more. They must make strategic decisions and have a sense of control. We now explore more advanced Crypto concepts and integrate them to the Web3 community.
Timeframe: Land 5-20 pieces of land (roughly 2 months)
  • Animals
  • Decorations
  • Minting rare items
  • Withdrawing, depositing and secondary markets
Web3 literacy
During the regular stage we will introduce quests/challenges to further increase the player’s involvement in the Web3 community and understanding of the ecosystem as a whole.
  • Mint an item an Goblin Village
  • Link their farmer PFP to a social media platform - Show them OpenSea and guide them to understand these crypto assets are owned by them
  • DeFi Quest - I.e. mint a magic LP token.


The mastery stage is once a user has an aligned mental model and strategic guide for navigating the game. They have a solid understanding of the Web3 ecosystem and have developed their own ‘strategic guide’ to their gameplay. They are engaged in advanced quests and community events that help solidify their identity in the community. A player in this stage feels a deep sense of accomplishment and pride in their progress. Gameplay extends autotelic and emergent behaviour.