đŸĢ‚Community Built Game

Sunflower Land is bullish on what communities can build in the Web3 space and hence we place a huge emphasis on involving the community in all aspects of the game.

We are moving towards a decentralised model where the community owns the game through DAO mechanisms, but until then we are relying on a few traditional web technologies to help with voting, source code, art and other contributions.

Building a community driven game requires a lot more effort than a traditional game, but we believe this is exactly what the crypto space needs. Of course taking this direction encounters challenges, but we believe in the long term it will help the growth of the game.

Bootstrapped Project 💰

We have a grand vision that will require 2-3 years and a talented team to achieve. This clearly will require significant capital. Our revenue model is not based on the large initial investments most projects follow via selling NFTs + tokens with no actual gameplay. Instead, we only make money while people are playing the game based on small fees and taxes.

🖨ī¸pageIn Game Fees

Visible Source Code 👩‍đŸ’ģ

The game itself is open source and currently has 50+ active contributors. We believe any decentralized project, let alone a community-based one, should be transparent with the code users are interacting.

However, taking the open source approach brings multiple challenges:

  1. Makes it easier for botters to understand the code

  2. Makes is easier for scammers to make clones of the project

While this makes development tough, we are currently so proud of the open source community we have built and believe in the long term this will form the foundations of the developers building out the Sunflower MetaVerse.

Community Competitions 🎨

Most of the awesome art you see in the game has been designed by community members. We perform a range of open source art competitions which let the amazing pixel artists of our community take part in the design process.

Over time we will move towards a more decentralized Community NFT crafting approach where anyone can launch art without the need of a tick of approval from the core team.

Giving back to the community ❤ī¸

One of our underlying aims is to onboard more people into the Web3 space to help build out the future of a decentralized web. We provide support through code reviews, feedback and open source idea collaboration.

We don't believe guaranteeing rewards attracts the right people to the project to build a healthy and long term game. We take care of the community and those that contribute in passion for the project. Those that help the project over time will be pleasantly surprised.

At times this is done spontaneously through:

  • In game care-packages

  • Early access to features

  • Donations

  • In-game accreditation

Community Badges

These badges are legacy and no longer provided

There are a range of Non Transferrable Token Badges available for members of our community.

  • Coders Badge

  • Artists Badge

  • Moderator Badge

  • LP Badge

These tokens are locked to an account (cannot be withdrawn) and only provided to active contributors. The badges can be removed once a player is no longer active.

If you purchase an account with these badges on, they can be revoked unless you are an active contributor

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