đŸŒēFlowers & Honey

Flowers 🌸

Flowers are grown in Flower Beds, a new resource only available after upgrading to Petal Paradise.

To upgrade to Petal Paradise follow the instructions in

In order to grow a flower, you will need to provide a flower seed, and a crop or flower to cross-breed to a flower bed. Each combination of flower seed and crossbreed will result in a flower.

The process to grows flowers may seem simple, but in order to find the most rare flowers, investigation and experimentation will need to be performed. The Codex 🔎 helps to track what you have found and what you have yet to discover.


SeedTime to harvest

1 day to grow

2 days to grow

5 days to grow


The Codex tracks what flowers have been found. When you new flower is found, Poppy, the resident botanist Bumpkin will alert you. Poppy automatically adds the new species to your Codex.

To check what flowers you have found in the Codex, click the magnifying glass icon 🔎 on the game HUD. By clicking a specific flower you can find out what seed and crossbreed material resulted in the flower.

Bees + Honey 🐝

With the introduction of Spring Island, players can now discover beehives on their islands. These hives aren't just buzzing decorations – they are the key to harvesting sweet honey.

Bees are the heart of honey production, relying on flowers to make that magic happen. They operate 100% autonomously, functioning independently without any player intervention.

If a beehive is present on your land, it remains dormant until a flower is planted. At this point, the hive 'attaches' to the flower. A bee exits the hive, flies to the flower, and then returns to the hive. The bee sits outside the hive, indicating that the hive is actively producing honey.

A bee will remain attached to a flower until either the flower reaches full maturity or the hive is filled with honey. Once a flower is fully grown, the bees will automatically attach themselves to the next available growing flower or patiently wait for a new one to be planted.

Curious about the honey levels in a hive? Simply hover over the hive or give it a click to receive an instant honey status from our resident beekeeper, the lovable bumpkin Stevie. Stevie will also provide you with the opportunity to harvest the available honey.

Honey đŸ¯

A beehive takes 24 hours to fill up with honey – a testament to the old saying that good things come to those who wait. You will be able to recognise a full beehive by the big sweet drop of honey that will appear on the outside of your hive.

As mentioned previously, you can harvest honey at your convenience; however, waiting until the hive is full brings an added bonus – a 1/10 chance of triggering a delightful bee swarm!

Honey Rate Calculation

Rate (Honey/day) = Production Speed (Hives/day) x Yield per full beehive (Honey/Hive) At base Production Speed = 1, Yield per harvest = 1 For Example:

  • Beekeeper Hat (+0.2 Speed)

  • Bee Suit (+0.1 Yield per Full Beehive)

Rate = 1.2 x 1.1 = 1.32 Honey/day

Bee Swarm 🐝🐝

When harvesting a full hive you may run into a coveted bee swarm. These industrious bees will pollinate all your planted crops, providing a delightful +0.2 boost 🚀.

Bee swarm will only trigger when harvesting a full beehive

Honey Utility

  • Honey can be used in cooking

  • Honey can be used in deliveries

  • Honey will be used in fishing as chum (FUTURE)

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