Sunflower Land
The game was built as a side project that took the crypto community by storm that broke blockchains and received a lot of love and hate. From this emotional rollercoaster, emerged Thought Farm. A company with the goal to build the #1 Play To Own game.

Thought Farm Pty Ltd

Thought Farm Pty Ltd is the Sydney based company that produces the gameplay behind Sunflower Land.

Adam Hannigan

CEO/Founder - Game Designer & Solution Architect. Farm #1

Spencer Dezart-Smith

Founding Software Engineer / UX specialist - Ex Dairy Farmer Farm #3

Romulo Furtado

Founding Software Engineer / Musician Farm #2

Craig Gray

Chief Technology Officer - Architecture & Security expert Farm #39488

Partners and Core Discord Team

This is only a short list of the amazing people helping the project. We could not do this without the support of our Discord Moderators, Artists and Open Source community

Steve Woody

Farm #4


Farm #6
Advisor / Discord Admin / Community Support​


Farm #45
Moderator & Ambassador Manager​


As of 22nd April 2022
When new NFTs and features get released, core team members and the open source designers/developers may receive an airdrop for their work. At times we also reserve items for giveaways and promotional events. This is used to incentivise development and long term commitment to the project.
There will be a Team Supply set aside that will be different to the public Crafting Supply. For instance, there will be 300 Foreman Beavers available to the public for crafting and an additional 10 set aside for the team supply. In this case there could be up to 310 Foreman Beavers in circulation.
This does not mean that the team will mint the full amount set aside in the team supply
Locked Period
While we encourage the receivers to use these assets in game to collect resources, at the end of the day it is Play and Own meaning you have ownership of your items. Hence, you can decide what you do with them. When a team member receives an airdrop, there is a 1 month locking period until they can withdraw the item from the farm. This is to avoid any sort of early market advantage

NFT Farm mints

The developers on the project may have multiple farms that are used for testing purposes, improving onboarding and ensuring the creation process is fine tuned.
Non-dev core team members may also have an extra account used for testing purposes.