Sunflower Land was originally known as Sunflower Farmers which obtained viral attention when it broke Polygon for a week in Jan 2022.

At the start it was just 3 friends working part time on the game as a side project but the incredible community soon directed them to make this a full time endeavour. As a result Thought Farm was born with the goal to build the worlds #1 Community Built Web3 Farming Game.

Thought Farm Pty Ltd

Thought Farm Pty Ltd is the Sydney based company that runs the day to day operations and produces the gameplay behind Sunflower Land and Bumpkins.io

Core Team

The core team includes individuals who help steer the ship and make influential decisions. It consists of full-time Thought Farm employees, contractors, partners and influential community members.

Adam Hannigan CEO/Founder - Game Designer & Solution Architect. Farm #1 https://twitter.com/bumpkinbuilder https://www.linkedin.com/in/%F0%9F%8C%BB-adam-hannigan-102489109/

Spencer Dezart-Smith Founding Software Engineer / UX specialist - Ex Dairy Farmer Farm #3 https://twitter.com/thisboyspencer

Romulo Furtado Founding Software Engineer / Musician Farm #2 https://twitter.com/rofrtd

Craig Gray Chief Technology Officer - Architecture & Security expert Farm #39488 https://twitter.com/craigpgray


Sunflower Land has immense support from open source contributors, moderators and members of the community.

If you are interested in assisting the project, please jump into Discord and see how you can help out. 🤗

ChickenCX Moderator & Ambassador Manager Farm #45 https://twitter.com/ChickenSFL

Aeon Moderator & Community Manager Farm #29

Sacul Moderator & Community Dev manager Farm #51

Dcol Moderator & Community Manager Farm #130170

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