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Looking to contribute?

The front-end is open source and we are always looking for people to help out the project.
Our aim is to share our knowledge around Web3 Game development and excite other people to build awesome projects.

What can I work on?

Maintaining a project with over 50 open source developers brings a range of challenges:
  • Maintaining a consistent vision
  • Ensuring best architecture practices
  • Security concerns and vulnerabilities
  • Automated and manual testing
  • Readability and maintainability
  • Managing expectations, deadlines and contributors leaving the project
  • Tokenomics design
  • Anything that gets added to the project is more code that needs to be maintained by Thought Farm.
While we appreciate UI and gameplay PRs, we need these pieces of work to fit into the Thought Farm's development workflow to ensure it is pair programmed, understood by the team, peer reviewed, align with the tokenomics and adhere with the vision of the project.
At this point of time, we cannot accept any PRs that introduce new gameplay or UI workflows. If you have an idea that introduces new UI workflows or gameplay, the best way forward is to first raise the idea for community and if consensus is met, it will get added to the roadmap. Once an item is on the roadmap, the core functionality will be built by Thought Farm. There will be multiple non-critical tasks that can be picked up by the community.
Examples of what can be worked on?
  • Bugs
  • Decorations
  • Small UI enhancements - Typos, buttons, alignment, colours
  • CI & Build improvements
  • Writing tests
  • Animations + game polish
Examples of what the core team need to build
  • Game features
  • UI & UX workflows
  • Architecture (state management, data storage, routers etc.)
  • Smart contracts & APIs
  • Testing infrastructure
  • Repo tooling (testing, components, build)

Contributing Guidelines

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Looking to contribute?
What can I work on?
Contributing Guidelines