Sunflower Land

Blockchain Fundamentals

We are strong believers that Web3 will encourage emergent gameplay and unlock a new realm of possibilities around ownership and fun!
Most game items in Sunflower Land are stored on the Blockchain.
This creates an environment where players can have ownership of their in-game resources and opens up the possibility for our open source community to build experiences on top of these publicly available Blockchain tokens!

NFTs, SFTs & ERC20

While you play the game, all of the resources you gather reside in a temporary game server. When these items move to the Blockchain they became NFTs, SFTs and ERC20 tokens that can be owned, transferred and traded.

Store Data On Chain

We are a Web3 game and encourage players to store their progress on chain as frequently as possible. This ensures that total supplies, on chain leaderboards and Web3 services all have access to the latest game data.
Storing your data on the Blockchain also adds an extra level of security to your items.
When players reach a certain limit of items, we require that they store these items on the Blockchain for security and to ensure our on-chain supply reflect the real time game.
You must store your data on chain if you wish to use your items in Web3 only islands such as Goblin Retreat. These islands only read the data that has been stored on the Blockchain

How to store your data on chain?

To store your data on chain, you can click on Settings > Store Progress on Chain.
You are not charged any additional fee to store your data on chain, only the transaction gas fees for the Polygon Network
As of May 3rd 2023, Bumpkin Analytic data is no longer stored on the Blockchain. This significantly reduces the gas price for storing your data on chain. The team are working on public APIs to make this information accessible to open source developers.

Goblin Retreat

If you want to withdraw, trade or craft rare items you will need to visit Goblin Retreat. This is a decentralised island that requires all actions are submitted directly to the Blockchain.
If your items are not on the Blockchain, they will not appear at Goblin Retreat.
Progress will not be lost if you do go to Goblin Village and perform an action without first storing data on chain.

Problems with Transactions

Sometimes the network is busy, this means that the gas fee might be higher than normal. You can always check this via
If you are struggling to submit a transaction due to in game errors you can try the following:
First , click on the Site Suggested, when the Metamask window pops up
This will allow you to edit the gas fee, Try using aggressive as this may fix most problems.
In most cases this will fix any problems Then please consider trying to reset metamask by clicking settings - advanced - reset account
If this does not fix any transaction problems then try to: - Clear your cache - Reset your device - Try a different RPC - Ask on Discord in Help section

Gold Pass

The elusive Golden Pass!
The Gold pass will become available on the 17th of July. Farms minted before this date will receive one for free. If you can access Goblin Retreat or the Auctioneer at Helios, it means you have the Golden Pass :D
The Gold Pass is an item reserved for Web3 enthusiasts & collectors, enabling them to take their Sunflower Land journey to the next level!
The Gold Pass gives the holder access to:
  • Craft Rare NFTs at Goblin Retreat
  • Trade with other players (Bumpkin Level 10 required at Plaza)
  • Participate in Auction Drops
  • Withdraw & Transfer NFTs from Sunflower Land
  • Access to Restricted Areas
How do I get a Gold Pass?
Gold Passes can be attained by purchasing them inside of the game. You can purchase a Gold Pass from a few locations:
  • Click on the World travel icon (Bottom left of screen) -> Click "Goblin Retreat"
  • Visit the Auctioneer -> Click "Buy"
Gold Passes are a Web3 item and must be purchased using the $MATIC token. The current price of a Gold Pass is $4.99 USD
What happens if I buy a farm on Open Sea (or other secondary marketplaces)? With the Gold Pass initiative, players can now create farms for free!
To reduce multi-accounting and botting behaviour, farms that are bought on secondary markets will need to purchase a new Gold Pass.
Will I lose the Gold Pass when using the transfer function ingame? No, unless you use LootRush wallets to transfer