🎁12 Days Of Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! Welcome to another festive Season at Sunflower Land.

On the 12th of December, a winter wonderland will take over the Pumpkin Plaza and players will be able to complete quests for rewards.

Collect the Candy

Santa needs your help! Christmas is approaching fast but he is facing a problem - he has lost all of his sugary treats. Without these he won't have enough energy to deliver gifts on Christmas Day.

During the 12 Days of Christmas Event, you will be tasked with scavenging the Pumpkin Plaza and finding the 10 Hidden Candy.

To collect the candy, you must walk on top of it to automatically pick it up.

Every day you complete the challenge you will be given a reward ranging from SFL, Block Bucks, Collectibles + Rare Wearables. For those players that complete all 12 days of Christmas, they will receive the Festive Tree.

Festive Tree

The festive tree is a unique collectible that can be attained each festive season. A tree this large must certainly attract Santa's attention!

During the Festive period (20th December - 31st December), players with this tree are able to 'shake it' for a special reward. To shake the tree you must place it on your land and then click on it.

You can only shake a Festive Tree once - after shaking you cannot remove it until the end of the Festive Period


Elf Hat


Santa Suit




Ancient Rod Giveaway

To celebrate the festive season, Santa will be doing a giveaway of this season's OP item - The Ancient Rod 🚀

If you have your Festive Tree placed on your farm on the 28th of December, you will have a chance of winning this elusive item. Good luck!

Grinx's Hammer

Introducing Grinx's Hammer: A magical hammer from the legendary Goblin Blacksmith.

Placing this on your farm halves all natural resource expansion costs. A must-have for players looking forward to Prestiging and exploring new islands.

Total Supply: 50

Santa will be delivering this item free of charge for Bumpkins in the Festive Mood. For players with a "Christmas Tree", ensure it is placed on your farm before the 20th of December and throughout the Christmas period to ensure you receive the free airdrop!

This year, Santa is also searching for players who have a Festive Tree placed. Make sure you complete the 12 Days of Christmas for your chance to win Grinx's Hammer - 3 lucky Bumpkins will be chosen!

Happy Holidays everyone 🎄

Community Event

The artwork for this event was contributed by our amazing community of artists! If you would like to see more events like this, make sure you donate to them ❤ī¸

Contributors include:


Donation modal & details coming soon...


Who can participate?

All players are able to participate in the event. You simply need to visit Pumpkin Plaza.

When does the event end?

The last day of the event is on 27th of December. After this date you can no longer receive your daily rewards.

What happens if I miss one day?

Players are busy during the festive season! The event runs for a total of 15 days, which allows you to miss a day if needed to spend time with family and friends.

When can event items be withdrawn?

Once the event ends, the rewards will be enabled for withdrawal. The Festive Tree cannot be withdrawn.

How many Candy have I collected?

You can see your Candy in the top of your screen or by talking to Santa.

Why can't I withdraw the Festive Tree?

The festive tree may be used in future Festive Events - given this is 1 year away, further details cannot be locked in.

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