Sunflower Land

Goblin War

5th September - 14th November 2022
Are you ready for war?
Tensions are rising in Sunflower Land and we are on the brink of war. Team Sunflower and Team Goblin are currently recruiting players to join the war effort. It is time to show your loyalty!
  • Earn War Bonds and mint rare items
  • Prizes & airdrops for the winning side
  • Leaderboard of weekly top warriors and airdrops.
This is a limited time event. Do not miss out on the chance to collect rare NFTs and items.

What is the Goblin War?

The Goblin War is a special event where players swear allegiance to a side and battle it out weekly to become the dominant warrior and winning side.
Each week involves a range of challenges and resources that must be collected and donated to your team's war effort.

When does it start? - 5th of September

Starting on the 31st of August you will be able to choose a side by going to your farm. A popup will automatically show that walks you through the basics of the war and then you will need to pick a side.
There is no deadline to choose a side.
The actual war and weekly challenges will then begin on the 5th of September

How do I participate?

A popup will automatically show inside of the game that walks you through the basics of the war and then you will need to pick a side.
There is no deadline to choose a side.
Once you choose a side you cannot change

Weekly Challenges

Each week, the tides of war will change and both sides will need to collect a variety of resources.
Your challenge is to collect resources in the specified time frame and donate them to war collectors.
These resources will range from crops, wood, stone, eggs, tools, cakes and special resources.

War Bonds

In exchange for your resources you will be given War Bonds. Depending on the difficulty of the challenge, you will receive a certain amount of War Bonds.
You can complete a challenge MULTIPLE TIMES IN A WEEK. This means loyal warriors will receive more war bonds than average players.

How to redeem War Tokens?

For a limited time, the War Tent will appear in Goblin Village. You can visit the war tent to purchase a range of limited items. Each item has a limited supply and once they are sold out will no longer be available.

What items will be available?

There will be 8 limited edition items available during the Goblin War with varying rarity. These items will remain hidden until the start of the Goblin War.
4 of these items will provide in-game boosts.
The remaining 4 will be the first Bumpkin NFT wearable items. These will be limited edition and only available to the top warriors (supply between 250-1000).
The nature of this special event, limited supply and being the first Bumpkin rare clothing will surely make these historic items in Sunflower Land.

Weekly Leaderboard

At the end of each week, the team will give updates based on on-chain data whether Team Sunflower or Team Goblin are winning.
We will also announce the "top-warriors" each week who have completed the most challenges.
Keep an eye out for special rewards and prizes for the winning teams and top warriors.

How long will the war go for?

The war will continue into the launch of Land Expansion (late October, early November).
Hurry, collect your war bonds so you don't miss out on these sweet deals

Can I withdraw war items?

During the war you cannot withdraw war bonds, items or your team's banner. Once the war is finished all of these items will become withdraw-able and trade-able on secondary markets.