🌄Season 2: Dawn Breaker

May 1st

Welcome to Sunflower Land's Dawn Breaker season! This season introduces exciting new features and items that will challenge and reward players.

A darkness is spreading throughout Sunflower Island and we need your help! The Dawn Breaker Island is in danger and players must work together to conquer the darkness. The island is plagued by shadowy creatures and it's up to you to save it. Along the way, you'll encounter new mechanics and items that will aid you in your quest.

Introducing Eggplants and Wild Mushrooms! Eggplants are a new crop that players can grow to improve to earn SFL and cook recipes. But be careful, the shadowy creatures are attracted to Nightshade vegetables. The darkness that has plagued Sunflower Land has also spawned Mushrooms across Sunflower Isles.


In this season mystery, darkness, and power reign supreme! Behold the newest addition to your Sunflower Land collection - the enigmatic and potent Dawn breaker collectibles.

Join us on this journey into the unknown, and discover the power and mystery of the Dawn breaker collectibles for yourself. Who knows what untold riches and glory await you? The only limit is your own imagination!

Prices are due to change before the season starts. New Resource ingredients will become available on Season Launch (Eggplants, Wild Mushrooms + Dawn Breaker Tickets). Items marked with '?' will become available during the season.


+0.2 Eggplant Yield


Goblin Blacksmith

10 SFL 500 Tickets 25 Eggplants


25% Faster Eggplants


Goblin Blacksmith

25 SFL 1200 Tickets 150 Eggplants


+1 Eggplant Yield


Goblin Blacksmith

250 SFL 3200 Tickets 100 Eggplants

Eggplant Grill


Max 1 per player

Decoration Shop

5 Gold 50 Wood 100 Tickets 20 Eggplants

+.5 Kale, Wheat and Radish


Dawn Breaker Island

Weekly Competition

Ayam Cemani

+0.2 Egg Yield

Collecting Eggs

+0.2 Wild Mushroom Yield


Goblin Blacksmith

50 SFL

10 Gold 50 Wild Mushrooms


Max 5 per player

Decoration Shop

20 SFL 10 Wild Mushrooms 30 Eggplant


Max 10 per player

Decoration Shop

5 SFL 20 Tickets


+0.2 Yield Kale

Treasure Island

Grants 3 wishes (utility)

Treasure Island



Max 1 per player

10 SFL

2 Gold 10 Wild Mushroom


Max 1 per player

20 SFL 5 Gold 20 Wild Mushroom

Shroom Glow


10 SFL

5 Gold 30 Wild Mushroom 70 Wood

+0.1 stone yield within AOE (2x2 size)

Treasure Island

15 Iron Compass 50 Old Bottles 25 Seaweed 9 Block Bucks 40 SFL

+0.5 any mineral yield within AOE (2x2 size)

Treasure Island

30 Iron Compass 80 Old Bottles 50 Seaweed 9 Block Bucks 100 SFL

Dawn Breaker Banner

The Dawn Breaker Banner in Sunflower Land is your ticket to exclusive discounts and additional rewards during the season. With the seasonal pass, you'll get access to the following:

  1. 25% SFL Discount on Seasonal Items - As a seasonal pass holder, you'll receive a 25% SFL discount on all seasonal items available in the game. This includes decorations and rare items at Goblin Retreat.

  2. Free Seasonal Banner - Show off your seasonal spirit with a free seasonal banner, available exclusively to seasonal pass holders. Hang it on your farm for all to see and let everyone know you're a dedicated farmer who loves to celebrate the changing seasons.

  3. Free Seasonal Wearable Airdrop - Get access to a special wearable item that's only available to seasonal pass holders. The item will be dropped into your wallet during the season, and you'll be able to wear it proudly throughout the season as a symbol of your dedication to Sunflower Land.

  4. Exclusive Cosmetics - As a seasonal pass holder, you'll also get access to 2 additional exclusive cosmetics that are only available to pass holders. These are the mystical Blue Gnome and Orange Gnome

The Dawn Breaker Banner is not necessary to participate in the Seasonal event. It is an optional purchase for players wanting to support the project and access additional cosmetics.

How to purchase a Banner?

For a limited time, participants in the Solar Flare Season will get Early Access to a discounted Dawn Breaker Banner. You can purchase the Banner by talking to Grubnuk at the South of your main island.

  1. Early Access Banners are available for $3.99 USD from the 24th of April - 30th of April 2023

  2. Standard Banners will become available for $6.99 USD during the first week of the season.

Seasonal Banners are not available after these periods. Prices are paid in MATIC. Depending on network conditions, the transaction fees may change.

How to craft rare utility SFTs?

During Dawn Breaker season, multiple exclusive SFTs will become available for crafting.

  • Purple Trail

  • Obie

  • Maximus

  • Mushroom House

Each of these SFTs has a rare buff and a limited supply. The first players to gather the resources or tickets will be able to mint one of these collectibles.

These items require raw resources (eggplants, gold, mushrooms), SFL and Dawn Breaker Tickets.

Dawn Breaker Tickets are a unique token that you get by completing Daily chores on your farm with Hayseed Hank. You can find Hank at your Town center on the main island.

Once you have gathered your tickets, you can visit Goblin Retreat and go to the Blacksmith to mint your exclusive collectible!

How to craft limited Seasonal decorations?

To craft seasonal decorations, you must first gather the required resources, enter , open the Decorations tab and click "Limited"

These are only available until the end of the season!

Dawn Breaker Island

Hurry, Dawn Breaker Island is in Danger!

This remote island, once a beacon of hope and safety for the surrounding isles, has fallen into darkness. The family that lives on the island, responsible for ringing the bell that warns of danger, is now scared and alone. Without their warning bell, all hope for safety is lost in Sunflower Land.

Why did the island plunge into darkness? Where did the mysterious characters come from? How do we conquer the darkness?

Can you uncover the secrets of the island and bring peace back to their lives?

How to access Dawn Breaker Island?

On May 1st, you will be able to access Dawn Breaker island by going to the travel boat, and clicking "Dawn Breaker"

What to do?

Each week you must visit the island, talk to the locals and complete a weekly challenge.

Crafting Lanterns

Lanterns can help bring lightness to different parts of your island. Your goal is to craft as many lanterns as possible each week.

To craft a lantern, you must find your Bumpkin on the island and click on them to reveal the lantern requirements

There is no limit to the amount of lanterns you can craft. However, each time you craft a lantern, the requirements also increase. The more you craft, the harder it gets.

A maximum of 5 Lanterns will show up on the map each week. All the rest will be visible in your Inventory under the Collectibles tab.

Once the season has finished, each lantern you craft will become a decorative collectible you can place on your island or trade with friends.

Dawn Breaker Prizes

Each week, a range of prizes will be awarded and raffled to players who crafted lanterns that week and helped save Dawn Breaker Island. 1 Lantern = 1 Entry into the raffle.

The more lanterns you craft, the higher your chances are of winning the prize.

Each week 5000 SFL & 10 Hoots will be given to the winners. Each week will have a total of 10 winners.

  • Positions 1-5 will win a Hoot.

  • Positions 6-10 will win the 500 SFL prize.

  • The remaining Hoots + SFL will be raffled to participants (1 Lantern = 1 Entry into the raffle).

Hoot is a mysterious utility SFT only available through the Dawn Breaker competition. Max Supply = 100 Utility = +0.5 yield to Radish, Wheat and Kale

Tie Breaker - in the event of a Tie Breaker (2 players crafting the same amount), then the Bumpkin with the most overall lanterns will win đŸ’ĒđŸ’ĒđŸ’Ē

Community Effort

Each week there will be a community goal to reach X lanterns crafted. If this threshold is reached, the SFL giveaway rewards for that week will double to 10,000 SFL 🚀. The in-game widget will show off-chain counts of crafted lanterns (updated every 4 hours). All lanterns crafted off-chain will be entered into the weekly competition.

There is no longer a requirement to sync your items on-chain.

The community milestones reset each week automatically, regardless of whether we reach that threshold or not.


We will have two in-game leaderboards. These will show the top players in two categories:

  • Lanterns crafted during a week

  • Season ticket holders

You can view these leaderboards by visiting Dawn Breaker Island and clicking on the trophy icon in the top right cor.

How long will the event go for?

Dawn Breaker island will be available for the entire season to visit.

However, the Dawn Breaker quest is only available for the first 8 weeks of the season. If the community conquers darkness there will be a festivity week full of community events, prizes and airdrops for those involved in the season â™Ĩī¸

Hoot's Cryptic Riddles

Each week, the mysterious Hoot will give players a riddle they need to solve. If solved, a player will receive Dawn Breaker Tickets

Example from week 2: "In the fields so green and brown, a round crop of orange can be found. Plant it in every spot and great rewards shall soon abound." Based on the clue, a player must do an action on their main island. Once you think you have solved the clue, return to Hoot! A player has unlimited amount of attempts at the clue ❤ī¸

Please do not share the answer on socials. We want players to solve the riddles themselves.

Dawn Breaker Party

This season we are launching an entirely new mechanic to help celebrate the completion of the Dawn Breaker Season and the return of light!

On the 3rd of July, players will be able to enter Dawn Breaker Island, walk around with their Bumpkin, talk to other players and complete quests. Players will be able to visit the island until 1st of August, when the new season will begin.

The MMO functionality is currently in Beta and you may experience bugs or needed improvements. We appreciate any feedback you have for us.

So, what can you do during the Dawn Breaker Festivities?

First and foremostly, we are using this as an introduction to our MMO feature and a way to gather feedback and improve it before our first launch. However, it wouldn't be a party without some special events.

These events are casual quests. We didn't want players to be grinding hard in competition with each other. The end of the season is a time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Bella's Party Preparation Quest

Bella is overwhelmed with all of the Bumpkins that have visited her island. She needs more food and wood to fuel the fire.

Every 12 hours, you can visit Bella and provide her with the required Food and Wood. After completing her requests multiple times, she will reward you with a cosmetic prize. These prizes are given after completing 3, 8, 14 & 22 requests.

Prizes have been kept hidden for a surprise factor. Good luck everyone!

Growing a Dawn Flower

If you travel to the North of the Island, you will be able to visit Sofia. After an introduction, she will explain that she wants to grow a Dawn Flower with your help.

To grow a Dawn Flower you must return every 24 hours to water the plant. After 10 days of watering, you will be rewarded with a Dawn Flower.

You must be wearing an Eggplant Onesie to complete the Dawn Flower Quest


It wouldn't be a party without the help of our wonderful community Artists! The new decorations, lanterns, turtles, frogs, dragonflies, dancing bumpkins, fires, roasting bumpkins + more were created by the Open Source Artists on the SFL Isles Project team.

If you appreciate their work, please head over to the Homeless man at the East side of the Island. 100% of the donated amount goes directly to them. ❤ī¸

As a special thanks, all of these contributors will be receiving a bonus SFL care package 🤗


During the Dawn Breaker Party, there will be some bonus giveaways for players:

  • 50 Obies

  • 10 Maximus

  • 5 Hoots

Stay tuned for more details. These will involve finding visiting the island and finding hidden character on Dawn Breaker island.

This NPC won't be introduced until further into the Party. We will provide more details once launched

How do I leave Dawn Breaker?

Had enough fun already? To return to your main island there are a few ways:

  1. Walk onto the Boat with your character

  2. Click on the Boat

  3. Click on the 'Home' Sign


How do I find Mushrooms?

Where do I find eggplants?

To get eggplants, visit Betty at the market to purchase eggplant seeds. Then plant the seeds and wait for them to grow.

Do players receive different chores?

Dawn Breaker season introduces a new chore mechanic. From a list of chores, players are allocated a starting position in the list. They must then work through the list of chores. Each player has a different starting position and order of chores. Players all complete the same chores by the end of the list.

What happens if you were in the middle of a chore from the previous season?

If you were in the middle of a chore, your progress will not be lost. However, instead of receiving Solar Flare tickets you will receive Dawn Breaker tickets.

What does a Genie Lamp do?

A Genie Lamp is a new utility SFT that can be discovered at Treasure Island. Once placed, players can 'grant' 3 wishes and recieve rare items. After 3 wishes, the lamp is burnt! đŸ”Ĩ

Are Treasure Island items withdrawable this season?

This season's treasure island is slightly different. Following a similar pattern to Goblin Retreat items, Treasure Island items are only withdrawable once they are no longer available through normal gameplay.

This means Dawn Breaker Treasures will become available for withdraw at the end of the season.

Do I need to store my lanterns on chain to be eligible for the raffle?

No, the raffle will be based on off-chain data.

If my land has no space, where will the mushrooms appear?

Mushrooms will appear on surrounding islands if you have no more space.

What happened to the gnome?

The gnome has undergone a 3rd makeover to make it more aligned with the game's aesthetics and storyling.

How do I place lanterns?

Lanterns are also decoration collectibles that you can place by visiting your chest!

How do I find Ayam Cemani?

Ayam Cemani is a mutant chicken that can be found just by collecting eggs.

If you have all mutant chickens, your chance of finding an Ayam Cemani will be increased by 30%.

What will Hoot be used for?

Owls are notorious for keeping pests away from farming crops. In Sunflower Land, Hoot has a farming utility boost of +.5 yield to crops: Kale, Wheat and Radish

When are new expansions coming...I need more space!

The team is currently working on new expansions! 🙏

When is the Wearable airdrop?

If you purchased the Dawn Breaker Banner you are eligible for a free wearable airdrop. This will be dropped once the banner is no longer available (ETA - 2 weeks from season launch) Update: Eggplant Onesie successfully airdropped to banner holder

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