26th Oct - 2nd Nov 2022

Halloween has come to Sunflower Land! ๐Ÿ‘ป

For 7 days only, players will be able to participate in the Halloween Event to try and mint rare limited edition items.

The Halloween event was inspired by Nando, one of our awesome community members. https://github.com/sunflower-land/sunflower-land/discussions/1350

This was a huge community effort from our contributing artists and developers. A huge shoutout to the following people ๐Ÿค—โค๏ธ

NetherZapdos, SuperSynapse, GranTy, Benahol, Shinon, LittleEinstein, JCEii, Vergel, Boden, KOTOB, SFWhat, Tarasist, Baalex, Oniel, CloudMinion & Telk ๐Ÿ’ช

How does the event work?

You must plant Pumpkin Seeds to try and discover the rare Jack-O-Lantern on a harvest. A Jack-O-Lantern appears roughly every 10 Pumpkin harvests - This is not mean it is guaranteed every 10 Pumpkins. Sometimes it will happen quicker, sometimes it will be longer.

You will find a Jack-O-Lantern after solving the puzzle when harvesting a Pumpkin.

During Halloween, the Pumpkin Seed stock has been increased to 150 seeds per sync.

Once you collect 50 Jack-O-Lanterns you can trade them for a rare NFT at the Travelling Salesman.

Summon the Necromancer

Once you have crafted the Victoria Sisters, you will be able to Summon the Necromancer. You can find the Necromancer just South of Goblin Village.

The Necromancer will offer the first ever limited edition Background for your Bumpkin. This requires 150 Jack-O-Lantern and is targeted at the hardcore/experienced players.

This is the only time that the cemetery background will be available. If you miss out you will only be able to collect this limited edition background through secondary marketplaces

Can I trade Jack-O-Lanterns?

No - the only way to collect these limited edition items is through farming Pumpkins.

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