đŸ˜ŗ#OnlyFarms Competition

Friday 28th April to Friday 2nd June

Welcome to the very first #OnlyFarms Competition!! Where we give our players an opportunity to showcase their creative skills and earn amazing prizes. With the much-anticipated launch of Design Mode, Sunflower Land has introduced the ability to move buildings and items however they want, PLUS a whole bunch of decorations to make your land beautiful, cosy, funny - however you want!!

To celebrate the creativity of our amazing community we will be running a 5 week competition to determine who has the best designed land according to different categories. The different categories are:

  • Beautiful (Friday 28th April to Thursday 4th May)

  • Collector (Friday 5th May to Thursday 11th May)

  • Creative (Friday 12th May to Thursday 18th May)

  • Wholesome (Friday 19th May to Thursday 25th May)

  • Funniest (Friday 26th May to Thursday 1st June)

The winners will be selected by a panel of judges that include:

  • Gabi - Lead Artist

  • Adam - OG Bumpkin

  • Romy - Brazil's favourite Dev

  • Spencer - Lead Dev

  • Harry - Carrot Counter


To be eligible you will be required to upload a short video to TikTok providing a tour of your farm with a funny voiceover or your own, describing the design choices you have made. We suggest that start your video with this template: "Hi Bumpkins, it's time to show off my amazing farm on Sunflower Land. Get ready as I take you on a tour of my beautiful/ creative/ wholesome/ collector/ funniest farm design. You won't want to miss this!"

For words in bold, choose the one category that you are applying to.

You must also utilise the hashtag #OnlySunflowerFarms in your comment section. Overall, we want as many farm videos on TikTok as possible. We don't want the suggested guidelines to stop you from posting. However, you must make it clear which category you are applying to and you must use the correct hashtag to be eligible.


For the 5 weeks of the competition, each week a winner who wins the category will receive the "Weekly Category Winner Prize" of an NFT Prize plus SFL Prize.

The Grand Prize Winner will be determined from the 5 Weekly Category Winners and chosen by our panel of judges.

Creating Tiktok recordings on phone

For the best TikTok experience, we recommend using your phone.

For iOS you can use the screen recording feature. If you simply hold down on the recording button, you can activate your microphone which will allow you to do your own voice over. For a tutorial, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CTDXYU8HVA

You can then upload your video to TikTok to participate in the competition.

Terms & Conditions

Weekly winners will be announced on the weekly "Let's Grow Sunflower Land" Show on Discord. Videos must be uploaded to TikTok and satisfy the eligibility criteria. The panel's decision is final and of their own judgement. The video must be your own farm. The panel reserve the right to disqualify participants where there is abuse of the competition in order to earn rewards.

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