🚀Mission to Mars

May 24th - 21st June 2022

Breakout hit web3 games, Million on Mars and Sunflower Land are doing an epic cross-chain, cross-universe, interoperable crossover event!

The Mars event will close on the 21st June 2022

Players of either game will be able to start crafting loops in one game and finish over in the other game, unlocking exciting in-game tools, prizes, recipes, and surprises.

Getting Started

As you meet Melon in game, located in the Goblin Village, you will learn that his rocket needs some repairs.

Your quest begins by helping Melon to acquire the resources needed to fix and relaunch his rocket. This includes:

  • 5 Iron (for the rocket)

  • 50 Wood (for the scaffolding)

  • 250 Sunflower Seeds (to send to Mars)

  • 250 Sunflowers (to send to Mars)

The purpose of this mission is to plant sunflowers on Mars to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Next Steps

When you provide Melon with the resources, an in game popup will take you to a Million on Mars getting started page from within Sunflower Land.

Here you will have an option to link your Farm metamask wallet. This will also ask you to verify your Farm ID. Once you confirm these you will be given the ability to create a new WAX wallet. This is required to interact with the game Million On Mars. MOM runs on the WAX blockchain which is different to Metamask and not connected to Polygon.

For people to create a WAX wallet they would need to pay a 5 WAX fee ($0.60) but our dear friends on Mars have arranged for 10,000 WAX Wallet Promotion codes to be given to Sunflower Farmers so you can bypass this creation fee.

To obtain your promotional code you simply need to help Melon to fix his rocket and one will be provided. (Don't share this with anyone as the code will only work once)

Once you have your WAX wallet setup you will be invited to join Million On Mars to continue your quest. Klara will be your guide on the Martian planet and will help players with the next stage of the quest.

Once on Mars

The story continues when the Rocket carrying your glorious sunflower seeds crashes on the surface of Mars and scatters sunflower seeds all over the planet. Players will need to dive into a multi-day crafting quest to collect the seeds and unlock special items and be handsomely rewarded for your work.

Every day that you log into Million on Mars for 14 days (starting on the 24th May) you will receive 1 golden sunflower. You can trade these within the Sunflower Shop on Mars for Land, buildings and many other NFT assets to help jumpstart your new adventure.

(Typical value of common land is $30)

Once you have land and buildings, you will want to learn how to grow sunflowers. When a new player has successfully learnt the skill and managed to grow 7 Sunflowers on Mars, you will be rewarded with a very special Space Badge.

You can then take this badge back to Sunflower Land where Melon Dusk will reward you with a limited edition NFT for the new Observatory. (Utility to be announced in the future)

You can read Million On Mars version of this guide here - https://www.milliononmars.com/sunflower

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