What is a 'Bumpkin'?

Bumpkins are your in game character. Your Bumpkin will be created upon minting your farm for no extra cost.

How can I use my wearables?

To equip wearables on your Bumpkin in-game, you will need to attain them in game or deposit them onto your farm.

You can deposit wearables the same way you would deposit SFL and collectibles - either through the Bank or clicking on your SFL balance in the top right hand corner of the game.

What next?

You can update the look of your Bumpkin ingame!

Here you can see your Bumpkin, their Level, Experience, Skills and Achievements.

Experience can be gained from feeding your Bumpkin, please see Cooking

To Feed your Bumpkin you need to locate them on your farm and click to see all available food they can eat.

To access Goblin Retreat, your Bumpkin needs to be level 5 or higher ontop of holding a Golden Pass


As you level up your Bumpkin you will earn Skill points, these can be used to evolve your Bumpkins ability in different professions. They will apply a boost to your game depending on the path you take.

To enable a skill, you will need to first claim it.

Right now there is no way to change skills so choose carefully; in the future there will be the ability to re-skill.

Skills are locked to your Bumpkin so if you send your Bumpkin to someone, they will benefit from your hard work and you will need to start again.

Legacy Skills were available in Beta gameplay and can no longer be unlocked for new players, these skills carried over to Sunflowr Isles and are tied to the farm instead of the Bumpkin:

Multiple Bumpkins

Are you looking to boost your farm with some hard working Bumpkins? Each time you upgrade, you are able to place an additional Bumpkin on your land, equip wearables and boost your farming abilities.

Additional Bumpkins can be added by visiting your house and following the UI. You can either purchase a Bumpkin with Block Bucks or use a Bumpkin NFT from your personal wallet.

Bumpkin Boosts

Bumpkins are skilled labourers who are proud of their professions. On your island each Bumpkin can provide unique boosts to your farm & you cannot stack wearables with similar buffs.

For instance, you cannot reuse the same wearable or wearables which have similar boosts on your Bumpkins. This works similar to how Bud NFT boosts stack.

It is recommended to have Bumpkins focussed and equipped with wearables that do not overlap. For instance, have one Bumpkin wearing all crop wearables, another wearing Fishing related wearables and another wearing Fruit related wearables.

Similar to collectibles, wearables will be locked while in use. For instance, if you are wearing a Sunflower Amulet, you will not be able to dequip it whilst Sunflowers are planted.

Adding Bumpkins

To support the Multiple Bumpkin feature, we are going to use an off chain approach to track Bumpkin creation & progress. This makes it more seamless & feasible to support Bumpkins inside of Sunflower Land without risk of Bumpkin sharing and exploits to bypass game restrictions.

This means new Bumpkins will no longer be NFTs.

If you plan on using the experience on a Bumpkin NFT from a marketplace, ensure it is your primary Bumpkin on your farm before February (date to be finalised)

With the new off-chain approach, players no longer need to keep their original Bumpkin NFTs on their farm. From February we will no longer read on chain Bumpkin data. You will be able to withdraw your Bumpkin NFT as a PFP collectible into your personal wallet (wearables will stay on the farm, non-equipped wearables will be withdrawable if they were before). The Bumpkin and its experience will remain on your farm ❤ī¸

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