Sunflower Land
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Depositing & Custody

When you mint a farm, you get ownership of a NFT which is assigned a unique address on the Blockchain. This NFT has custody of your resources while you play the game.

Resource Ownership

When you earn $SFL or gather resources they are minted against the unique address that is associated to your farm NFT. They will not appear in your personal wallet until you withdraw them from the game.
You can find the farm's blockchain address by clicking on your balance in the top right corner.
If you go to and enter your farm address, you will be able to see the SFL and all of the items (ERC1155 tab) that your farm owns on the Blockchain.

Depositing SFL and items onto your farm

Only send SFL or Sunflower Land Items to your farm's address. MATIC and other tokens sent will be unrecoverable
You can deposit SFL and Sunflower Land Items by clicking on the SFL balance on the top right of your farm, you will see the items currently on your personal wallet that are available to deposit. You will need to click on the items to add the ones you want to deposit. You can also send SFL by adding the amount in the input box, you can see your balance on the right. Note that you can send items and SFL in one transaction.

Can't see the items you deposited?

If you have completed a deposit but the items aren't showing up on your farm then you may need to do a manual "refresh".
You can do this by clicking on the settings cog in the bottom right corner of your farm.
From here you click on the button with the three dots to "see more". Then you need to click on "Settings" > "Refresh".

Transferring Farms

You have complete ownership of your NFT and can trade it freely between your accounts or list it on NFT platforms like Open Sea.
If you transfer the NFT, it includes all tokens and resources that are on that farm. Always double check what resources you have on the farm before transferring to another account.

Multiple Farms per account

On the 25th April 2022 the decision was made by the team with the full support of the community to restrict access to one account per person.
This means that you can only play with one farm and multi accounting will be banned.
You will only be able to mint one farm from the website and whilst you can purchase additional farms, making progress in more than one will result in all assets being blacklisted.