📛Plaza Username

Farmers will be able to add a username to their Bumpkin, this will be visible in the Plaza and other MMO areas. It will replace the Farm ID number visible below the Bumpkin.

When can I get my username?

Username functionality will be rolled out over time for farms. Team, Moderators and Beta Testers will be the first ones to be eligible. Afterwards, access to the username functionality will be enabled for low-numbered farms. High-numbered farms will be the last ones to be given access.

Starting: 00:00 UTC 12th December 2023

Farms will progressively be able to claim their names. The end date of the rollout is:

End: 00:00 UTC 16th December 2023

By which point all players will be able to claim their name.

After the 16th of December, anyone will be able to create a username. The roll-out above only indicates which farms will be able to create one first

How do I get my username?

Head to the Pumpkin Plaza and talk to the Mayor, they will explain some of the basic functionality and you will be able to pick a custom username for yourself!

The username you pick is tied to the farm, meaning if you swap Bumpkins, the username will be the same

Can I change username in the future?

Yes, we will add a way for players to change their username if they are not happy with what they first chose (First time choosing username will be free). Changing username will cost Block Bucks.

Rules and Guidelines

Players are advised but not limited to pick a username that reflects their Discord, this makes trading and socialising easier! Players are NOT allowed to pick vulgar or offensive names. Refer to the Chatroom Policies Impersonating others is also forbidden.

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