Wanderleaf, the mysterious traveler of Sunflower Land, roams with a satchel filled with carefully chosen gifts, granting those who find them an entry into a captivating giveaway, where rare treasures await to be claimed.

Wanderleaf was the winner of our 2nd Community Bumpkin Design competition. A huge shout out to the amazing Vergelsxtn (Farm ID #63) 🚀

Dawn Breaker Giveaway

From the 13th-27th of July you will have a chance to find Wanderleaf hidden on Dawn Breaker Island.

Each day, Wanderleaf will appear at a random period of the day for 30 minutes. They will spawn in a random location on the map. If you spot them, you can wander closer and click on them to gain an entry into the raffle.

Your entries into the raffle will accumulate. This means if you find Wanderleaf on 4 different days, you will have 4 entries into the raffle.

The Wanderleaf will appear at the same time & location for all players. The period between an appearance can be 1-48 hours.

You can earn multiple entries into the raffle so keep the lookout for Wanderleaf every day!

Prizes include

  • 50 Obies

  • 10 Maximus

  • 5 Hoots

Bert's Odd Obsession

Bert is constantly on the hunt for rare items & wearables inside of Sunflower Land. Nothing brings more joy than bringing these items and showing them to him. Are you an avid collector? Well now is your chance to satisfy Bert's obsession! â™Ĩī¸

Every 3 days, Bert will request to see a new item. In exchange for showing the item, he will reward you with seasonal tickets.

To claim the reward, you must have either the wearable or collectible requested in your inventory or wardrobe and then talk to Bert. The item does not need to be placed on your farm or currently equipped.

Once the reward has been claimed, you will not be able to withdraw that item for 3 days.

What item's does Bert seek?

Bert is intrigued by a range of rare items across Sunflower Land, including:

  • Wearables

  • Bears

  • Hidden Treasure

  • Collectibles

  • Quest Items

  • + Many more collectibles!

Some items are tradable items, whereas other items are non tradable items (e.g. achievements and quests). Bert will certainly separate the novice and expert collectors of Sunflower Land!

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