Sunflower Land


Attention all gamers, streamers, and influencers! Do you want to spread the sunshine and earn some extra cash while doing it? Look no further than Sunflower Land's amazing referral program!
By simply referring your friends, family, and followers to this amazing game, you'll not only be helping them discover a world of adventure and wonder, but you'll also earn a Sunflower Support Ticket for each user that signs up through your unique referral link.

How do I join the program?

  1. 2.
    Enter your Farm ID into the input box and click "Generate Link"
  2. 3.
    Copy the link that was generated and share with your friends
Alternatively, replace the ref=# with your Farm ID ref=12345 and share the following link with your friends:

Sunflower Support Tickets

Do you want to be the top supporter of the project?
For each player that signs up, you will also receive a "Sunflower Supporter Ticket", a special token which highlights our most loyal players
Players are also able to mint items that require Sunflower Support Tickets:
This ticket will be sent to your farm