๐ŸŽ„Xmas Event

December 21st - 27th 2022

Our incredible community worked hard to deliver a Christmas Winter Wonderland theme to Sunflower land this year.

Every little detail was considered when making all the assets to ensure users had a fun time whilst farming.

Reindeer Event

Just to the south of the farm is a small island that contains both the Travelling Salesman who is offering a limited edition Christmas Bear and Rudolph.

To mint the free Reindeer Onesie you will need to provide your Bumpkin with Reindeer Carrots. These can be located in the Firepit

This is a progressive quest that offers additional NFTs based on the efforts that are provided.

Reindeer CarrotsNFT


Reindeer Onesie


Reindeer Antlers


Christmas Background

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