Sunflower Land

Community Islands

This feature is currently in Beta mode and available to selected members only
Prepare to unleash your creativity and embark on a thrilling adventure of building and exploring unique custom islands. With Community Islands, you have the freedom to design breathtaking art, craft captivating gameplay mechanics, create engaging quests and characters, and delve into the rich lore of Sunflower Land. The possibilities are boundless, limited only by your imagination.
Whether you're an artist seeking to create stunning visual masterpieces or a developer eager to craft intricate gameplay, Community Islands offers the platform for you to showcase your talent and engage with a vibrant community of builders. Let your imagination soar, bring your visions to life, and join us in shaping the ever-expanding world of Community Islands in Sunflower Land!

How to access Community Islands?

Players will be able to access the island you build inside of Sunflower Land! They can do so by visiting the Grubnuk Goblin in the MMO Plaza.
Once approved, your island will appear in the list of available items for players to visit.

What can I build?

Fight, Dig, Carry, Explore, Compete...
The goal of Community islands is to give you the freedom to design whatever experience you desire. Examples include:
  • PVP Combat
  • Co-operative Farming Quests
  • Guild Islands
  • Trading Clubs
  • Special Events
The Sunflower Land team will be building out basic functionality that you can reuse. However, you are free to build on top of these or start from scratch!

Getting Started

We offer multiple options for contributors with varying levels of coding experience. If you are interested in designing artwork island, the basic setup will get you going.
​Getting Started
Designing Maps​
If you would like to build custom quests, mechanics and features you will want to head over to Advanced Gameplay​

Road Map

Phase 1: Early Adopters and Pre-Launch
  • Select small group of contributors to propose ideas & build the initial islands
  • Create Docs & Video Guides
  • Build initial SDKs (ability to use SFL/resources/Block Bucks)
Phase 2: Launch
  • Co-marketing and drive traffic to player's islands
  • Invite more contributors to build
  • Launch Grants, Milestones and reward top projects
Phase 3
  • Build more APIs and Integrations for contributors (in-app shops, token gating etc)
  • Launch public 'Builder' community
  • Official partner programs - team up with top developers/designers/studios to build islands


To help incentivise creators we are also launching a monetisation strategy for players.
We encourage builders to use Block Bucks for in-app micro purchases on their island. These are readily available to use by visiting players. Usage of a Block Buck on your island will provide a 50/50 fee between Sunflower Land and yourself. This means for each Block Buck used, you will receive $0.075.
You are not limited to this strategy, you can also employ the following models:
  • Donations
  • Subscriptions
  • NFT Drops


Standard Sunflower Land Terms of Service and art guidelines apply.


For those embarking on the builders journey, you are not alone!
Our team of engineers and artists will be helping you along the way. For those early access members, there will be a private builders chat setup where we can provide assistance and improve the design with your feedback.
Sacul, our Community Dev Manager will also be of assistance to help you create your first island!